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The most dangerous time period for young driver fatal crashes in Michigan is
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Constant rushing, lane jumping, and ignoring certain road signs and regulations is called the __________degree of aggressive driving.rush-inConstantly ridiculing and criticizing other drivers to self and passengers, and closing gap to deny entry into lane, is called the ____________ degree of aggressive aggressionWhich of the following is NOT an alternative to your drinking and driving?Allow a friend who has had only one drink to drive you home.Risk of a collision increases up to ___ when talking on the phone and driving400%In fatal crashes almost ____ killed are passengers, the other driver, and pedestrians2/3Most crashes happen onrural roadsconviction for a fatality remains on driving recordpermanentlyeven a level of ___ of alc can impair driving0.03%How old to be a gift of life donorno age limitIf you get a DUI you get ____ on your driving record6 pointsWho is the most at risk for drowsy drivingyoung drivers