20 terms


The religion of Sikhism first developed in
the Punjab region of India and Pakistan.
The center of the Sikh religion is at
The turning point in Nanak's life was a
prophetic call near a river
A Sikh temple is called a
Which religions accept the eating of animals
Sikhism and Islam
Nanak, after leaving home to teach, wore
clothing that blended Muslim and Hindu styles
The Khalsa was created to be
a protective social organization
One of the requirements of the Khalsa was
. no alcohol
The name Adi Granth means
original collection
The Adi Granth is the
most important Sikh scripture
Some Sikhs want a
Sikh nation, separate from India
How many Sikh gurus were there before the human line of gurus ended
Nanak's name for God was
True Name
Nanak, like the Hindus, believed in
reincarnation and karma
Guru Granth is
an honorary title for the sacred book of Sikhism
The founder of Sikhism was
. Nanak
What item worn by the Sikh Khalsa symbolizes strength
steel bracelet
Uncut hair by the Khalsa and the last name Singh represent the symbolic characteristics of what animal
What item worn by the Sikh Khalsa represents alertness and readiness to fight
special underwear
According to Sikh teaching, the primary guru is