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  1. 78
  2. Official Declaration 2
  3. 126
  4. 131
  5. 101
  1. a The Saints Are "Cast Out from the Land of Their Inheritance"
  2. b Brigham Young: Well Beloved of the Lord
  3. c Keys to Exaltation
  4. d Consecration: An Everlasting Covenant
  5. e "Every Faithful, Worthy Man"
    -All worthy men can get the priesthood

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  1. The Will of God for the Saints in Iowa
  2. Keys for Determining If Administrations Are from God
    -Ask to shake the angel's hand
  3. "All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience"
    -Given in Liberty Jail
  4. The Organization of Priesthood Quorums
  5. The Call of Frederick G. Williams
    -Originally intended for Jesse Gause

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  1. 89The Word of Wisdom


  2. 120A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established


  3. 118Revelation to the Twelve


  4. 110The Greatest Treasure
    -The treasure isn't money, but People


  5. 105Obedience Brings Blessings