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  1. a The Call of Frederick G. Williams
    -Originally intended for Jesse Gause
  2. b Isaiah Interpreted
  3. c Organization of the Camp of Zion
    -Given to Brigham Young
  4. d "For Thus Shall My Church Be Called in the Last Days"
    -The Church is named
  5. e The Order of the Church for the Benefit of the Poor

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  1. Grand Council
  2. Disposition of Church Funds
  3. "I, the Lord, Am Bound When Ye Do What I Say"
  4. Items of Instruction
  5. The Redemption of Zion by Power
    -Organization of Zion's Camp

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  1. 110The Word of the Lord to the Twelve


  2. 119Revelation to William Marks, Newel K. Whitney, and Oliver Granger


  3. 77Questions and Answers on the Book of Revelation


  4. 76The Vision of the Degrees of Glory
    -Given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon


  5. 95This Stake Should Be Made Strong