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  1. a The Greatest Treasure
    -The treasure isn't money, but People
  2. b Earthly Governments and Laws
    -Not a revelation
  3. c A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established
  4. d The Nauvoo Temple and Baptism for the Dead
  5. e Keys to Exaltation

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  1. "That Ye May Be the Children of Light"
  2. Vision of the Celestial Kingdom
    -Given to Joseph Smith
  3. The Constitution of the High Council
  4. Baptism for the Dead
  5. "For Thus Shall My Church Be Called in the Last Days"
    -The Church is named

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  1. 113The Law of Tithing
    -One Tenth of interest annually put forth


  2. 80"Declare the Things Which Ye Have Heard, and Verily Believe, and Know to Be True"
    -Stephen Burnett and Eden Smith are Called


  3. 83The Call of Frederick G. Williams
    -Originally intended for Jesse Gause


  4. 89The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood


  5. 105A Tribute to the Martyrs
    -Written by John Taylor