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  1. a Baptism for the Dead
  2. b The Greatest Treasure
    -The treasure isn't money, but People
  3. c Disposition of Church Funds
  4. d The Call of Frederick G. Williams
    -Originally intended for Jesse Gause
  5. e Constitution of the Priesthood
    -Given in Liberty Jail

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  1. The Redemption of Zion by Power
    -Organization of Zion's Camp
  2. Revelation to the Twelve
  3. "You Shall Be a Lively Member"
  4. Those Who Put Forth Their Hands "To Steady the Ark"
  5. The Lord Will Bless His Faithful Servants
    -Call to Preach for Jared Carter

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  1. 126Brigham Young: Well Beloved of the Lord


  2. Official Declaration 2Manifesto
    -Abolishes Polygamy


  3. 97"This Is Zion—the Pure in Heart"


  4. 90The Oracles of God
    -Helped Establish the First Presidency


  5. 127The Nauvoo Temple and Baptism for the Dead