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  1. 117
  2. 116
  3. 80
  4. Official Declaration 1
  5. 124
  1. a Revelation to William Marks, Newel K. Whitney, and Oliver Granger
  2. b A Solemn Proclamation: The Priesthood Order Is Established
  3. c Manifesto
    -Abolishes Polygamy
  4. d "Declare the Things Which Ye Have Heard, and Verily Believe, and Know to Be True"
    -Stephen Burnett and Eden Smith are Called
  5. e Grand Council

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  1. Those Who Put Forth Their Hands "To Steady the Ark"
  2. The Saints Are "Cast Out from the Land of Their Inheritance"
  3. Questions and Answers on the Book of Revelation
  4. The Lord Will Bless His Faithful Servants
    -Call to Preach for Jared Carter
  5. Isaiah Interpreted

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  1. 84The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood


  2. 121Constitution of the Priesthood
    -Given in Liberty Jail


  3. 94"Truth Is Knowledge of Things"


  4. 96The Vision of the Degrees of Glory
    -Given to Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon


  5. 133Marriage: An Eternal Covenant
    -New and Everlasting Covenant


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