Industrial Growth/ Rise of Big Business

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How did industrialization transform America?
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Monopoly-company or group having control of all or nearly all of the business in an industryThomas Edison-became known as The Wizard of Menlo Park for his inventions of the light bulb, phonograph, and hundreds of others. -refined light bulb - 242 attempts -193 patentsHenry Ford-made the auto involved in everyday American life -introduced moving assembly line in 1913 -allowed mass production of carsTriangle Fire-Fire in 1911 at Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in NYC. 150 young workers, mostly women, died.Sweatshop-workplace where people labor long hours with poor conditions and very little pay. Most workers were young children and women.Labor Union-association of workers formed to gain higher wages and better working conditionsCollective Bargaining-process by which union representing group of workers negotiates with management for a contractHow did the labor movement suffer?-They suffered a number of major defeats after 1870 because of strikes that ended when unionized workers were replace, or government sided with business -Unions lost public support because they were blamed for violence and labeled as anarchistsBenefits of assembly linelower prices for manufactureers and consumers, increase in production, can be used in almost all industriesWorking conditions in factorieslong hours, low pay, unsafe conditions, poor lighting and lack of ventilationUrbanizationthe growth of cities