Language Arts Unit 9 Test

4.3 (4 reviews)
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trueThe subject of a report should be appropriate to its audience (true or false)falseAn expression report does not require details (true or false)falseDouble negatives are usually acceptable in writing (true or false)trueA persuasion report should be convincing (true or false)falseThe English language has not changed much in the last few centuries (true or false)trueLinguistics is the study of languages (true or false)trueThe main body of a report should contain supportive information (true or false)falseWhile speaking, you should not look directly at the audience (true or false)Introduction, body, conclusionWhat are the 3 main parts of an oral report?process analysis, exposition, persuasionWhat are the choices of function for an oral report?falseIs argumentation a choice of function for an oral report (true or false)pentadThe five major questions are part of a body of investigation questions known as the ___________.