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Cosmo Quiz- Structure of hair

Hair root
the part of the hair contained within the follicle, below the surface of the scalp
Hair shaft
the portion of the hair that projects beyond the skin
Main protein in hair
tube like depression or pocket in the skin or scalp that contain the hair root
Hair bulb
lowest part of a hair strand, the thickened club shaped structure that forms the lower part of the hair root
structure within follicle which is a small projection at bulb; provides blood supply
Arrector Pili
a smooth muscle attached to hair follicles that causes "goose bumps" to appear on the skin when contracted
Sebaceous Glands
oil glands in the skin that produce sebum
outermost layer of hair
Middle layer of the hair, afibrous protein core formed by elongated cells containing melanin pigment
innermost layer of the hair and is often called the pith or core of the hair
a person or organism lacking pigmentation, resulting in abnormally pale or white skin or lack of color
Terminal Hair
long hair found on the scalp as well as on legs, arms, and body of both males and females
Vellus hair
type of hair that is short, fine, soft, & nonpigmented; covers the body
growth phase in the hair cycle in which a new hair shaft is created
the brief transition period between the growth and resting phases of a hair follicle
resting phase , the final phase in the hair cycle that lasts until the fully grown hair is shed
hair loss
Alopecia Areata
an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicles, causing well-defined bald areas on the scalp or elsewhere on the body
Androgenetic Alopecia
most common form of alopecia, a combination of heredity, hormones and age that causes progressive shrinking or miniaturization of certain scalp follicles, also called male pattern baldness
Traumatic Alopecia
Loss of hair from pulling and yanking or by other traumatic means.
Postpartum Alopecia
temporary hair loss experienced at the conclusion of a pregnancy
technical term for gray hair; results from the loss of the hair's natural melanin pigment
Hypertrichosis or hirsuties
abnormal hair growth
Split ends