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local-scale conditions as defined by temperature, air pressure, relative humidity, & wind speed
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to find past average temperatures, you need to know heavy to light ___ in past ocean wateroxygen ratioresearchers have found that the ratio of ¹⁸O to ¹⁶O depends on global climate at the time the shells or ice formedoxygen-isotope ratioby measuring the ¹⁸O/¹⁶O ratio in fossil shells in a successful of layers in marine sediment or in a succession of layers in glacial ice, researchers can quantity how global ___ has changed over timeclimateduring times of cooler climates, when continental glaciers grow, the ¹⁸O/¹⁶O ratio in shells tends to be ___, and the ¹⁸O/¹⁶O ratio in glacial ice (formed at high latitudes) tends to be ___higher, lower