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Which way does a priest face during thier funeral?

Faces with the feet toward the congregation, the way he stood during his life is the same way they face, for a layed person the are thier feet face the alter, because that is the way they normally face

Funeal homes have to keep employees medical records?

30 years

Wood caskets demensions?


Metal caskets demensions





the Person that is cashing the Check


The person that is makes or executes a promissory note in a contractual agreement

Carl Rogers

Client centered where the client takes a active part in the resolving of thier issues

Directive Counseling

counselor takes a live speaking role, asking questions, suggesting course of action, etc.

John Bowlby

caretakers as secure base, similar to imprinting, infants form attachments to satisfy basic biological needs (hunger, comfort, warmth)


An altar attendant, or alter Boy


entrance hall, foyer, see Narthex.


The seating or auditorium section of a church.


a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations


The party to whom the assignment is made.


Person making an assignment.


The party who acquires possession but not the title of personal property in a bailment.

Net income

The money a company has left over after all its costs have been paid.

Net Loss

Expenses exceed the revenue

Accounts Payable

normal credit balance

steps of the accounting cycle

1) Transactions are analyzed and recorded in the journal
2) Transactions are posted to the ledger
3) An unadjusted trial balance is prepared
4) Adjustment data is assembled and organized
5) An optional end-of-period spreadsheet is prepared
6) Adjusting entries are journalized and posted to the ledger
7) An adjusted trial balance is prepared
8) Financial Statements are prepared
9) Closing Entries are journalized and posted to the ledger
10)A post-closing balance is prepared

Must behaviors

taboos, mores, laws


norms that are not strictly enforced


the ceremony of washing the deceased before burial

chevra kadisha

burial society-washers


method of disposing of the dead body via fire; first attributed to the ancient Greeks. 3000 Bc

August hoffman

founder of Formaldehyde

Fredrick reysch

Father of embalming

Anthony leewehhoek

published first embalming technique

Richard Harlan

translated Gannal's History of Embalming; responsible for bringing the European embalming techniques to the United States.

Thomas Holmes

father of modern/american embalming

Hunters Canal

Femoral artery

William harvey

discovered the circulation of blood


events of the Loss


the sorrow caused by the loss of a loved one


the process through which grief is eventually resolved or altered

Joseph H. Clarke

founder of clarke college of embaling in Rochester

Kubler Ross

Stages of death: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Worden Tasks of Grief

1. Accept the reality
2. work through the pain
3.adjust to enviroment
4. relocate emotions

solid hardwood

Deciduous, close grained, strong and tough.
ex- Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak and Walnut


constructed of many species

Soft wood

Wood coming from trees with needle leaves, rather than broad leaves., pine, cedar, poplar, spruce


Anticipatory Grief


attachment; watched babies, theorized that secure attachment early on leads to ability to develop close personal relationships later in life

Jean Gannal

1st embalming text book


injection of arsenic alcohol mixture

Assets and Expenses

increased by debits, decrease by credits


Money owed to creditors, notes payable, notes payable

Liabilities and Capital

the group of accounts which you credit when increased are

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