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Non - Liturgical

Worship thats is scripture - centered is called


The congregation is SEATED in the area of the house of the worship called the


The house of worship has center isle and the focal point is a cross over the altar

Transept aisle

The Nave is separated from the sanctuary by the


A response made by the congregation during a religious ceremony


The person who makes the funeral arrangements and provides the vital statistical data about the deceased


The person who conducts the funeral service is usually a member of the clergy


Stated directions for ritual behavior during a religious ceremony


The presiding clergyman hands you a floral basket and ask you to place it in front of the pulpit. You will head towards the


Which one has a pulpit as it's Focal point


Which one has a center aisle in its house of worship


Altar attendants are known as


An oration praising an individual, usually after that individual' s death


entry way into church " Lobby or Vestibule"


NON - LITURGICAL area in sanctuary surrounding pulpit where clergy are seated

gospel side

LITURGICAL "LEFT" side when facing alter

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