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***Start w/ dorsal column (posterior) tract
Those r fasciculus tracts

See in dorsal - most sense mod. Touch vibration light sensory

And that comes in spinal cord and NOTICE 1st order neurons run ipsilaterally all the way up to brainstem medulla

They synapse on 2nd order neuron brainstem nucelus - 2nd order neuron decussates over and runs contr laterally compared to the receptor

Runs to thalamus where it runs 2 a 3rd order neuron w/c extends to the somatosensory cortex

These sensory modalities run IPSILATERALLY to BrainSTEM, CORSSOVER @ brain stem CONTRALATERALLY to contralateral sensory cortex

If the fine touch I finger use fasciculus C tracts w/c start @ T-6 & it would run up to this "PLACE" on somata censory cortex

**REMEMBER PLACE PRINICPLE - place on somata sensory cortex corresponds w. place monitored by receptors end result of contralateral process

HAVE TO pay attention WHERE crossover takes place

LOOK at anterior and lateral spinal tracts NOTICE
Anterior tract touch and pressure sensation - what happens to 1st order neurons they SYNapse right away 2 2nd order neuron w.c then decussates contraclateral receptor all the way up to thalamus w.c there they synapse on 3rd order neuron
w/ again is on the somatosensory cortex (rewatch 35-36)'

Lateral spinal tract
Carrying same thing diff modalities

SPINAL CORD INJURIES - we can have COMPLETE transaction of the spinal cord also have partical spinal cord contractin

Ex laceration that doesn't cut how order ends up only effecting one side or one aspect of spinal cord

If it's a complete cord transection the out come is obvious loss sense info all modes from afferent tract

Hemi transection more complicated, cuz ur gonna loss some modality from below injury or Ipsilateral to injury and loose other from contralateral
Have spinal cord injury on right side - lost fine touch ipsialaterally to the injury
From right side

Loose these sensations contralaterally contralateral to the injury the ones coming in from opp side

Partial spinal cord injury need to know where crossover occurs and have modalities r effected by injury help u to confirim