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romanceEx. She likes _______ movies. = about lovehorrorEx. He hates _______ movies. = with a lot of blood and violenceviolenceEx. That movie has a lot of _______. = people hurting or killing other people.shockingEx. The first scene of the movie was _______ because the character suddenly dies. = something that you don't expect and is sadadventureEx. She likes ________ movies. = has a lot of travel and new/exciting thingsscience fictionEx. "Star Wars" is a ________ movie. (2 words) = a story that happens in space or another planet with a lot of cool technologyanimatedEx. "Shrek" is an _______ movie. = a movie or TV show that is made by drawing pictures; a cartoon.fantasyEx. "Harry Potter" is a _________ movie. = a movie or story with magic and imaginary animalsdocumentaryEx. They watched a ________ about animals on National Geographic. = a show or TV about real people or thingsterrificEx. The movie was t__________ = very very goodterribleEx. The movie was t__________ = very very badhorribleEx. The movie was h__________ = very very badawfulEx. The movie was a__________ = very very badfantasticEx. The movie was f__________ = very very goodwonderfulEx. The movie was w__________ = very very goodawesomeEx. The movie was a__________ = very very goodridiculousEx. The movie was r__________ = very very stupidtakes placeEx. "Harry Potter" _________ in England. = where the story happenssceneEx. I like the _______ at the zoo when Harry talks to a snake. = part of a movie where there is no change in time or placeactor/actressEx. Tom Cruise is a famous ________. = man or woman who is on TV or in movies.directorEx. Steven Spielberg is a famous ________. = person who makes a moviesuddenlyEx. At the beginning of the movie, they were driving and he _________ stopped the car. = quickly and with no warningheroEx. Superman is the ______ of the story. = the good guy in a movie or storyvillainEx. The Joker was the _______ in the Batman movie. = the bad guy in a movie or storybasedEx. The movie "Hidden Figures" is _________ on a true story. = the idea/story comes fromplaysEx. Tom Cruise ________ Jack Reacher in that movie. = when an actor is a characterreviewEx. The newspaper ______ for that movie was really good. = short article that talks about a movie or TV show and says how good it isrecommendedEx. My friend _______ that book to me. = tell someone that they think something is very goodfictionEx. " Winnie the Pooh" is a _______ book about a bear, tiger, and other animals. = stories that the writer makes up; not true or realnon-fictionEx. He is reading a ________ about tigers. = it is about true things; not a made up storysubtitlesEx. The movie has ________ so you can understand it better. = the words that the characters say written on the bottom of the screen.dubbedEx. The movie was _______ into Chinese. = changing the voices in a movies so that they speak another language.soundtrackEx. That movie has a great _________. = the music/songs that are in a moviestreamingEx. Youtube has many ________ videos. = video that you can watch without downloadingratedEx. That movie is _______ R, so kids can't go to it. = a number or letter that tells you how good, strong, violent something is.previewsEx. I like to watch _______ of new movies that are coming out. = 2-3 minute videos that tell a little about a new moviemusicalEx. "Hamilton" is my favorite ___________. = the kind of movie that has a lot of singing and sometimes dancingsuspenseThe movie kept us in _________ for two hours! = A feeling of excitement or anxiety when you do not know what will happen nextspecial effectsEx. Often sci-fi movies have cool ________ ________. = unusual images or sounds that have been produced artificially to be used in a film or television programsequelEx. "Toy Story 2" is an example of a really good sequel. = a book, film, play etc that continues the story of an earlier one, usually written or made by the same personincredibleEx. The movie was i_________. = hard or impossible to believestunt man/womanEx. Being a __________ is dangerous work. = a man or woman who is employed to take the place of an actor when something dangerous has to be done in a film

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