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Compromise and Constitution


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resolution of balancing of power between small and large states is the _____.
Great Comprimise
Each slave counted as ____ of a person for census and representation.
Senate = each state gets 2 _____.
_____ = each state gets 2 delegates
House = ______ based on ____.
representation, population
______ = representation based on population.
Resolution to slaves being part of population in states was ________.
3/5ths Compromise
Each slave counted as 3/5ths of a person for ____ and ____.
taxation, representation
Federalist supported strong ________.
central government
Example of Federalist would be _____.
Alexander Hamilton
Anti-Federalist supported strong ________ and protecting the rights of an individual.
state goverment
What protected the rights of an individual?
The Great Compromise
Example of Anti-Federalist would be _____.
Thomas Jefferson
Federalism divided power between ____ and ________.
National and state government
Bill of Rights were the first 10 ______ of ______.
Amendments, Constitution
The ________ helped to get the Constitution ratified.
Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights helped the Constitution get ratified by ....
gaining support and addressing concerns of Anti Federalist