NTS Unit 3 Chapters 1-6 Test Review

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Dos the term "missionary" appear in the Bible?
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What did Paul and Barnabas do as they left Antioch Pisidia?dusted off their feetWhat did Paul do differently in Lystra?Healed a man rather than starting in the synagogueHow did the people of Lystra react to the miracle?Praised Paul and Barnabas as Zeus and HermesHow did Paul's time in Lystra end?He was stoned and left for deadHow did Paul and Barnabas finish they missionary journey?visiting the new believers and returning homeWhere was Paul and Barnabas' sending church?Antioch SyriaWhat was the reason for the Jerusalem Council?Pharisees wanted Gentiles to be circumcisedWho gave his testimony at the Jerusalem Council?PeterWhere did Paul go on his first journey (in order)?Cyprus, Antioch Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, DerbeWhat caused the conflict between Paul and Barnabas?Barnabas wanted to bring John MarkWho became Paul's new partner?SilasWhat new disciple did Paul meet on his second journey?TimothyWhy did Paul go to Macedonia?A vision of a man from MacedoniaWhere did Paul first go in Macedonia?PhilippiWho did Paul first meet in Philippi?LydiaHow was Paul freed from the Philippian Jail?an earthquakeWhat did the Philippian jailer ask Paul?What must I do to be saved?Where did Paul go second in Macedonia?ThessalonicaHow long was Paul in Thessalonica?3 weeksWhat was a major theme of Paul's teachings to the Thessalonians?the end timesWhere did Paul go after threats in Berea?Athens?What two groups questioned Paul in Athens?Epicureans and StoicsWhere did Paul preach his message in Athens?the Areopagus