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  1. doctrine
  2. stance
  3. tawdry
  4. parry
  5. haggard
  1. a a belief, principla, or teaching; a system or such beliefs or priciples; a formulation of such beliefs or principles
  2. b a way of holding the body; an attitude or position on an issue
  3. c thin, pale, and careworn as a result or worry or suffering; wild-looking
  4. d to ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid
  5. e showy and flashy but lacking in good taste

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  1. to destroy, lay waste, ruin
  2. to roll about in a lazy, clumsy, or helpless way; to overindulge in; to have in abundance
  3. lowly, humble, lacking importance or dignity
  4. a joining together; the point at which two things are joined; any important point in time
  5. to transport; to transmit; to communicate, make known; to transfer ownership or title to

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  1. waverto move to and fro, become unsteady; to show lack of firmness or decision


  2. exoticforeign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual


  3. jauntyto ward off, fend off, deflect, evade, avoid


  4. unassumingnot putting on airs, unpretentious; modest


  5. turncoata person who switches to an opposing side or party