Steep cliffs
The Chang elf semi deserted land into actual desert land
Common agreement
Grass land reigon in africa
Belif that things in nature have a soul
When people communicate with the dead to figure put why things are happening
4 major civilizations
Empire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe
Main lcation of civiliaztions
2 major trade items
Gold and silver
Mansa muss
Ruler of mali and pushed out the borders of his empire in eery direction
European motive for exploring
To find a way to trade with other countries and make trading ports
Middle passage
Term for horrible journey for the newly captured purchased slaves
Triangular trade route
1. Sugar, cotton, tobacco from Europe to Americas
2. Texiles, rum, and manufactured goods from Africa to Europe
3. Slaves from africa to the Americas
Movenmtn to end slavery
Nations founded by former slaves
Liberria, Sierra leonne
Europeans with,sot colonies
Belgium, France, Germany, spain
Leopold 2 and the Congo free state
Explored humN and mineral resources and forced African communities tl produce a certain amount of ivory and rubber without getting paid
Berlin confernce
When Europeans made decisions about civilizing Africa- when they put certain groups togeter, they didn't get along
African nations not colonized
Liberia and ethiopia
Cecil rhodes
Buisnesman who promoted imperialism in africa
Encouraged Africans to value their heritage
2 decades independence was achieved
60s and 70s
Dutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs
Colonial power
Valauable resources
Gold and diamonds
La gauge Africans spoke, descandets of boers (white men)
Sharpeville massacre
Peacful protests that led to violence
Soweto disturbance
Law where africans had to learn afrikaner
Desmond tutu
Black leader against segregation
World pressure to end apartheid
Cut off trade and isolated south Africa from the rest of the whirled (to black Africans)
F.w. De klerk
Allwoed apartheid was white
Nelson Mandela
Fought apartheid and was the first black president
Valauble natural resource in nigeria
A group of people who wanted to break away and start their own country
Government over the years in Nigeria
They borrowed money and couldn't pay it bak
Former Zimbabwe name
Zimbabwe rhodesia
Ethnic issues in nigeria
Biodiverse people, deffiences in culture and caused the civil war to break up
Robert mugabe
Leader of indpence struggle
Mass killing of a certain race
Description of the tutsi and Hutu conflic
Hutu wanted to get revenge of what they did before the Tutsi got power
Role of us and un
Covered up the genocide
Lcation of darfur
Western Sudan
Source of conflcit
Conflict that combines ethnic differences, conflict of grazing land, and acces to oil
Angry people responsible for killing
Role of sudans goverment
Supported janjaweed
County supporting sudan
Cause of aids
Lack of education
Soltuin to adis