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  1. Divination
  2. Triangular trade route
  3. Mansa muss
  4. Negritude
  5. Nelson Mandela
  1. a Ruler of mali and pushed out the borders of his empire in eery direction
  2. b Fought apartheid and was the first black president
  3. c Encouraged Africans to value their heritage
  4. d When people communicate with the dead to figure put why things are happening
  5. e 1. Sugar, cotton, tobacco from Europe to Americas
    2. Texiles, rum, and manufactured goods from Africa to Europe
    3. Slaves from africa to the Americas

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  1. Law where africans had to learn afrikaner
  2. Liberria, Sierra leonne
  3. Covered up the genocide
  4. Grass land reigon in africa
  5. Explored humN and mineral resources and forced African communities tl produce a certain amount of ivory and rubber without getting paid

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  1. Soltuin to adisEducation


  2. Role of sudans govermentCovered up the genocide


  3. World pressure to end apartheidEducation


  4. Main lcation of civiliaztionsEmpire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe


  5. Valauable resourcesGold and diamonds