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  1. Nations founded by former slaves
  2. Mansa muss
  3. European motive for exploring
  4. Robert mugabe
  5. Triangular trade route
  1. a Liberria, Sierra leonne
  2. b 1. Sugar, cotton, tobacco from Europe to Americas
    2. Texiles, rum, and manufactured goods from Africa to Europe
    3. Slaves from africa to the Americas
  3. c Leader of indpence struggle
  4. d Ruler of mali and pushed out the borders of his empire in eery direction
  5. e To find a way to trade with other countries and make trading ports

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  1. Covered up the genocide
  2. Mass killing of a certain race
  3. Allwoed apartheid was white
  4. Conflict that combines ethnic differences, conflict of grazing land, and acces to oil
  5. Hutu wanted to get revenge of what they did before the Tutsi got power

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  1. JanjaweedAngry people responsible for killing


  2. 4 major civilizationsEmpire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe


  3. Soltuin to adisEducation


  4. BoersDutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs


  5. BiafraDutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs