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  1. F.w. De klerk
  2. Role of sudans goverment
  3. Sharpeville massacre
  4. Cause of aids
  5. Robert mugabe
  1. a Allwoed apartheid was white
  2. b Lack of education
  3. c Leader of indpence struggle
  4. d Peacful protests that led to violence
  5. e Supported janjaweed

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  1. Education
  2. China
  3. Grass land reigon in africa
  4. Liberia and ethiopia
  5. Conflict that combines ethnic differences, conflict of grazing land, and acces to oil

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  1. Lcation of darfurWestern Sudan


  2. Main lcation of civiliaztionsEmpire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe


  3. BiafraGrass land reigon in africa


  4. Nations founded by former slavesWestern Sudan


  5. AfrikanersDutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs