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  1. Desertification
  2. Source of conflcit
  3. Janjaweed
  4. European motive for exploring
  5. 2 decades independence was achieved
  1. a The Chang elf semi deserted land into actual desert land
  2. b Angry people responsible for killing
  3. c Conflict that combines ethnic differences, conflict of grazing land, and acces to oil
  4. d To find a way to trade with other countries and make trading ports
  5. e 60s and 70s

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  1. 1. Sugar, cotton, tobacco from Europe to Americas
    2. Texiles, rum, and manufactured goods from Africa to Europe
    3. Slaves from africa to the Americas
  2. Common agreement
  3. They borrowed money and couldn't pay it bak
  4. Dutch settlers in Africa that set up 2 independent repulcs
  5. Movenmtn to end slavery

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  1. NegritudeMass killing of a certain race


  2. Role of us and unCovered up the genocide


  3. Berlin confernceFought apartheid and was the first black president


  4. County supporting sudanCommon agreement


  5. F.w. De klerkLa gauge Africans spoke, descandets of boers (white men)