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  1. Abolition
  2. Desertification
  3. Colonial power
  4. Biafra
  5. Role of us and un
  1. a Covered up the genocide
  2. b The Chang elf semi deserted land into actual desert land
  3. c A group of people who wanted to break away and start their own country
  4. d Movenmtn to end slavery
  5. e England

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  1. Grass land reigon in africa
  2. Ruler of mali and pushed out the borders of his empire in eery direction
  3. Cut off trade and isolated south Africa from the rest of the whirled (to black Africans)
  4. Allwoed apartheid was white
  5. Angry people responsible for killing

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  1. Sharpeville massacreTerm for horrible journey for the newly captured purchased slaves


  2. Nelson MandelaFought apartheid and was the first black president


  3. Former Zimbabwe nameZimbabwe rhodesia


  4. Soltuin to adisEducation


  5. Desmond tutuBlack leader against segregation


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