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  1. Sharpeville massacre
  2. Cecil rhodes
  3. Description of the tutsi and Hutu conflic
  4. Desmond tutu
  5. County supporting sudan
  1. a China
  2. b Hutu wanted to get revenge of what they did before the Tutsi got power
  3. c Buisnesman who promoted imperialism in africa
  4. d Peacful protests that led to violence
  5. e Black leader against segregation

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  1. Law where africans had to learn afrikaner
  2. Allwoed apartheid was white
  3. Grass land reigon in africa
  4. Gold and silver
  5. Empire of Ghana, mali a, Songhai, Zimbabwe

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  1. Valauable resourcesBuisnesman who promoted imperialism in africa


  2. Berlin confernceWhen Europeans made decisions about civilizing Africa- when they put certain groups togeter, they didn't get along


  3. Source of conflcitConflict that combines ethnic differences, conflict of grazing land, and acces to oil


  4. Role of us and unEducation


  5. Main lcation of civiliaztionsWestern Sudan