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  1. vivacious
  2. obdurate
  3. livid
  4. philanthropy
  5. restitution
  1. a full of animation and spirit, lively
  2. b the act of restoring something to its proper owner or to its original, undamaged state
  3. c hardheartened; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
  4. d love of human kind or donating to charity
  5. e discolored, as from a bruise; pale or ashen; furious with anger

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  1. standing out, obvious
  2. the quality of holding firmly or stubbornly to a purpose, an intention, or a belief
  3. plentifully supplied; abounding
  4. deep or insightful
  5. to speak in favor of; to support

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  1. disparatedifferent or incompatible


  2. polemica controversial argument, especially one refuting a specific opinion or doctrine


  3. austeresevere or stern in personality or appearance; somber and grave


  4. floriddiscolored, as from a bruise; pale or ashen; furious with anger


  5. vindicateto flood or cover over with water