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  1. alleviate
  2. irresolute
  3. philanthropy
  4. profound
  5. disparate
  1. a deep or insightful
  2. b undecided or uncertain about what to do; wavering
  3. c love of human kind or donating to charity
  4. d different or incompatible
  5. e to lessen; to believe

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  1. to use evasive or ambiguous language, often to mislead; circumlocute
  2. hardheartened; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
  3. extremely loud
  4. to waste away; to wither or deteriorate
  5. without passion, objective, neutral

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  1. dissentdisagreement


  2. vacillateto be indecisive; to waiver back and forth


  3. insatiablenot capable of being fully satisfied


  4. austerestern, forbidding, unadorned, without much money


  5. inundatecommonplace; ordinary