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  1. rudimentary
  2. noxious
  3. paragon
  4. voluminous
  5. philanthropy
  1. a poisonous or harmful to living things
  2. b having great fullness, size, or number
  3. c a model of perfection
  4. d love of human kind or donating to charity
  5. e elementary

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  1. to flood or cover over with water
  2. the quality of straying from what is conventional or customary
  3. common in or unique to a certain location or population
  4. strict, harsh, severe
  5. different or incompatible

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  1. redressto right a wrong, to make up for


  2. vociferoushaving great fullness, size, or number


  3. laconicmarked by the use of a few words; tense or concise


  4. tentativeexperimental, temporary, uncertain


  5. mesmerizeto spellbind; to enthrall