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  1. indefatigable
  2. garrulous
  3. peremptory
  4. eclat
  5. bowdlerize
  1. a given to excessive and often trivial talk
  2. b tireless, incapable of wearing out or becoming fatigued
  3. c brilliance in performance and achievement
  4. d putting an end to all debate or action; not allowing contradiction or refusal
  5. e to censor prudishly; to modify or abridge

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  1. disagreement
  2. the central idea; the essence
  3. poisonous or harmful to living things
  4. feeling regret & sorrow for things one has done wrong
  5. common in or unique to a certain location or population

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  1. obduratehardheartened; stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing


  2. novelserious or grave


  3. profounddeep or insightful


  4. contumacya scornful resistance to authority


  5. equivocateto flood or cover over with water