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  1. laconic
  2. negligence
  3. martinet
  4. parsimony
  5. ubiquitous
  1. a carelessness
  2. b being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time
  3. c displaying extreme stinginess or cheapness
  4. d marked by the use of a few words; tense or concise
  5. e a rigid military disciplinarian

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  1. marked by sterness, harshness, ill temper
  2. to flood or cover over with water
  3. to spellbind; to enthrall
  4. to leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself
  5. poisonous or harmful to living things

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  1. chauvinismexceedingly harsh, very severe


  2. vacillateto attribute the fault or responsibility to; to assign as a characteristic


  3. vivaciousfull of animation and spirit, lively


  4. advocateto speak in favor of; to support


  5. pertinacitythe quality of straying from what is conventional or customary