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  1. Election of 1824
  2. The American System
  3. Non-Intercourse Act
  4. Panic of 1819
  5. Election of 1840
  1. a repealed the Embargo Act, and reestablished trade with all nations except Great Britain. Would trade w/ either if the other one ceased to violate neutral rights
  2. b John Quincy Adams won after Henry Clay gave his support to Adams, securing his Presidency. When Adams appointed Clay as his secretary of state, Jackson's supporters raged that a corrupt bargain had cheated Jackson of presidency.
  3. c Whigs united, borrowing campaign tactics from the Democrats and inventing many of their own. Resulted in Whig victory and a truly national two-party system.
  4. d Economic panic caused by extensive speculation and a decline of European demand for American goods along with mismanagement within the Second Bank of the United States. Often cited as the end of the Era of Good Feelings.
  5. e a home-market system developed by Henry Clay that had a strong banking system, a protective tariff, and a network of roads and canals

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  1. The program for building roads, canals, bridges, and railroads in and between the states. There was a dispute over whether the federal government should fund ____, since it was not specifically given that power by the Constitution.
  2. chief justice of the supreme court who declared the Missouri compromise unconstitutional. Court generally reflected Jacksonian democracy and Marshall's Court
  3. Huge surge of nationalism.Andrew Jackson becomes a war hero which pushes him into the presidency. He changes the complexion of democracy. Federalists die out. U.S. gains foreign respect.
  4. United States abolitionist who escaped from slavery and became an influential writer and lecturer in the North
  5. Terms of President James Monroe in which Democratic-Republicans were only political party, and people therefore assumed that political discord had evaporated

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  1. Bank WarJackson vs. Bank & Biddle; Jackson begins taking out funds and putting them into pet banks, successfully "killing" the bank; leads to fluctuation in economy and eventual panic


  2. William GarrisonInfluential abolitionist that fought against slavery for moral reasons. Argued for immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves and founded The Liberator


  3. Sojourner TruthAmerican abolitionist and feminist. Escaped from slavery to become a leading preacher against slavery and for the rights of women.


  4. Webster Hayne Debate___ argues for sanctity of Union- states created Union and have right to nullify, state supremacy. ____ argues that states have bond w/ fed govt that nullification or secession can't break


  5. Second Bank of the United StatesSimilar to 1st bank but with more capital; it could not forbid state banks from issuing notes, but its size and power enabled it to compel the state banks to issue only sound notes or risk being forced out of business.