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  1. Election of 1840
  2. Roger Taney
  3. Bank War
  4. Orders in Council
  5. Louisiana Purchase
  1. a The U.S., under Jefferson, bought the Louisiana territory from France, under the rule of Napoleon. The U.S. paid $15 million for the Louisiana Purchase, and Napoleon gave up his empire in North America. The U.S. gained control of Mississippi trade route and doubled its size.
  2. b chief justice of the supreme court who declared the Missouri compromise unconstitutional. Court generally reflected Jacksonian democracy and Marshall's Court
  3. c Britain blockaded the ports of France and its allies, thereby preventing neutral nations from trading with these nations
  4. d Whigs united, borrowing campaign tactics from the Democrats and inventing many of their own. Resulted in Whig victory and a truly national two-party system.
  5. e Jackson vs. Bank & Biddle; Jackson begins taking out funds and putting them into pet banks, successfully "killing" the bank; leads to fluctuation in economy and eventual panic

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  1. Persuaded Congress to accept the Missouri Compromise, which admitted Maine into the Union as a free state, and Missouri as a slave state
  2. After ____ lost to ___ as a Republican, he switched to the Federalist party and ran for governor of
    NY. When he lost, he blamed ___ (a successful Federalist politician) of making defamatory
    remarks that cost him the election. He challenged him to a duel... and killed him :O
  3. The idea of spreading political power to the people and ensuring majority rule.
  4. Economic panic caused by extensive speculation and a decline of European demand for American goods along with mismanagement within the Second Bank of the United States. Often cited as the end of the Era of Good Feelings.
  5. Designed to discourage the British and the French from interfering with US commerce, by bribing either the England or France in repealing their restrictions on neutral shipping; who ever obliged, the US would halt all commerce with the other nation.

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  1. Era of Good FeelingsEnded the War of 1812 and maintained prewar conditions


  2. Results of War of 1812Resulted from Britain's support of Indian hostilities along the frontier, interference with American trade, and impressments of American sailors into the British army


  3. Marbury v. MadisonEstablishes the Supreme Court's power of Judicial Review


  4. Revolution of 1800Jefferson's election changed the direction of the government from Federalist to Democratic- Republican, so it was called a "revolution."


  5. Election of 1824Adams, Jefferson, and Burr: Adams lost, Jefferson and Burr tied, Hamilton convinced other Federalists to vote for Jefferson to break the tie. Led to 12th Amendment: Required electoral college to vote separately for Pres and VP


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