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  1. assimilate
  2. Andrew Jackson
  3. embargo
  4. Elizabeth Blackwell
  5. Alexander Hamilton
  1. a a government ban on trade with one or more nations
  2. b 1st female medical grad
  3. c 1st secretary of the treasury (leader of the federalists)
  4. d 7th President, practiced the spoils system, was a "common people's president"
  5. e take on a another person's culture

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  1. activist for abolition & women's suffrage, made the speech "Ain't I A Woman?"
  2. placing the interests of one region over those of the whole nation
  3. interpreter/guide of Lewis and Clark
  4. change for the better
  5. doubled the size of America

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  1. abolitionmovement to end slavery


  2. Anaconda Planinterpreter/guide of Lewis and Clark


  3. Oregon Traila route from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon


  4. Robert Fultoninvented the steamboat


  5. Fort Sumteropening shots of the Civil War