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  1. Cyrus McCormick
  2. Andersonville
  3. Emancipation Proclamation
  4. Antietam
  5. George Washington
  1. a freed all slaves in the Confederate states
  2. b invented the mechanical reaper
  3. c P.O.W. camp in Georgia where soldiers were treated inhumanely
  4. d Abe Lincoln made the Emancipation Proclamation
  5. e the first President of the country

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  1. all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizens of the country and guaranteed equal protection of the laws
  2. established medical facilities for the insane, improved prison conditions
  3. enforces the laws
    President= 4 years
  4. 1. 35 years old, resident for 14 years, natural born citizen
    2. 30 years old, resident for 9 years, reside in state elected
    3. 25 years old, resident for 7 years, reside in state elected
  5. activist for abolition & women's suffrage, made the speech "Ain't I A Woman?"

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  1. Andrew Jacksonnicknamed "Stonewall Jackson" during the Battle of Bull Run by Union troops"


  2. Frederick Douglassconductor of the Underground Railroad


  3. vetoofficial approval to the Constitution, or of an amendment, by the states.


  4. interchangeable partsP.O.W. camp in Georgia where soldiers were treated inhumanely


  5. Lewis & Clarkdoubled the size of America