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  1. Mary Lyon
  2. blockade
  3. ratify
  4. Andrew Jackson
  5. Sacajawea
  1. a interpreter/guide of Lewis and Clark
  2. b the use of ship to prevent movement into and out of a port or region
  3. c established the first college for women (Mount Holyoke)
  4. d official approval to the Constitution, or of an amendment, by the states.
  5. e 7th President, practiced the spoils system, was a "common people's president"

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  1. taking products out of the country
  2. promoted abolition through newspapers ---> "The Liberator"
  3. president of the Confederacy
  4. established judicial review
  5. enforces the laws
    President= 4 years

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  1. nationalismplacing the interests of one region over those of the whole nation


  2. abolitionmovement to end slavery


  3. Fort Sumteropening shots of the Civil War


  4. Seneca Falls Conventionmovement to end slavery


  5. Elizabeth Blackwell1st female medical grad