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  1. popular sovereignty
  2. Fort Sumter
  3. secede
  4. executive branch
  5. Cyrus McCormick
  1. a formal withdrawal of a state from the Union
  2. b enforces the laws
    President= 4 years
  3. c invented the mechanical reaper
  4. d opening shots of the Civil War
  5. e residents vote on slavery

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  1. town where Lee surrendered to Grant on April 9, 1865
  2. invented the steamboat
  3. all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizens of the country and guaranteed equal protection of the laws
  4. movement to end slavery
  5. 1st battle of the Civil War

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  1. Oregon Traila route from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon


  2. George Washington7th President, practiced the spoils system, was a "common people's president"


  3. John Wilkes Boothinvented the steel plow


  4. interchangeable partsparts that you can change


  5. embargotaking products out of the country