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  1. 14th Amendment
  2. reform
  3. legislative branch
  4. John Deere
  5. Mary Lyon
  1. a change for the better
  2. b established the first college for women (Mount Holyoke)
  3. c all persons born or naturalized in the U.S. were citizens of the country and guaranteed equal protection of the laws
  4. d invented the steel plow
  5. e creates the laws
    senate= 6 years
    House of Reps= 2 years

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  1. nicknamed "Stonewall Jackson" during the Battle of Bull Run by Union troops"
  2. freed all slaves in the Confederate states
  3. 1st female medical grad
  4. 1st secretary of the treasury (leader of the federalists)
  5. 16th president. president of the union

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  1. Marbury v. Madisonestablished judicial review


  2. William Lloyd Garrisonpromoted abolition through newspapers ---> "The Liberator"


  3. Harriet Tubmaninvented the steamboat


  4. judicial reviewthe Supreme Court's power to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional


  5. sectionalisma devotion to the interests and culture of one's nation


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