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  1. Andersonville
  2. Trail of Tears
  3. Judiciary Act of 1789
  4. Emma Williard
  5. Jefferson Davis
  1. a established the first "high school" for women
  2. b N.A. forced migration to the Midwest
  3. c P.O.W. camp in Georgia where soldiers were treated inhumanely
  4. d established the federal court system and the number of Supreme court justices
  5. e president of the Confederacy

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  1. nicknamed "Stonewall Jackson" during the Battle of Bull Run by Union troops"
  2. commander of the Confederate army
  3. promoted abolition through newspapers ---> "The Liberator"
  4. invented the mechanical reaper
  5. established the first college for women (Mount Holyoke)

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  1. embargoa government ban on trade with one or more nations


  2. Alexander Hamilton7th President, practiced the spoils system, was a "common people's president"


  3. Gettysburga rule limiting or preventing debate on an issue


  4. George Washingtonopening shots of the Civil War


  5. executive branchcreates the laws
    senate= 6 years
    House of Reps= 2 years