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Early Empire

What does March 15tth signify?
The Ides of March- the day of Caesar's assasination
How did Casesar die
angry senators including his friend Brutus killed him for political reasons
What happened to Rome's government after Casesar's assasination?
it did not restore the Republic- it sparked 13 years of civil war as various groups struggled to control Rome
According to the Constitution, who was a Roman leader supposed to share power with?
The Senators
What did the Roman Senators think of Caesar?
They thought Caesar acted as if her was above the law
Caesar's assasins thought the assassination had saved the republic. Why do you think they might have expected the Roman people to approve?
The assasins believed the people wanted a republic and would agree that Caesar shouldn't be allowed to be a dictator
Why did some people liek Caesar in power?
he made many reforms that improved the people's lives, he reorganized the government and lowered taxes
Who was the next Ruler of Rome?
Caesar's adopted son Octavian
What did Augustus mean?
"respected one"
Why did the Roman people welcome Augustus's rule?
Augustus brought peace and order to an empire tired of civil was and disorder
What things did Augustus accomplish under his 41 year rule?
continnued making many reforms started by Caesar, restored Roman Republic, controlled almost all military troops, appointed imiportant officials of the government, built adn restored 82 temples, improved life in the city of Rome
How did the Augustus build a peaceful and prosperous empire?
he set up a new way of choosing emperors that provided continuity. Police an fire established in the provinces, improved living conditions in eth rpovinces to prevent rebellion
What does Pax Romana mean?
Peace of Rome
In what ways was the Pax Romana a remarkable period in Rome's history?
For more that 200 years, the Vast Roman empire was united and for the most part, peaceful
Who was to bethe next emperor after Augustus? How did that Happen?
Tiberius , Augustus's stepson. they shared power before Augustus died
Why did a Civil war break out after Nero's Rule?
Did not have the senator's respect. Many Romans complained that he was more interested in entertaining himself that in governing the empire
Why didn't all the provinces remain unified during the Pax Romana?
people spoke diverse languages, had different customs, and worshipped different gods, some opposed Roman Rule
During the Pax Romana, how did the Roman Emperors unify provinces that were not unified?
Emperors encouraged the conquered people to build cities and made these people Roman citizens, they involved them in the government of Rome, the ideas of the Romans spread to surrounding areas
What is the Pax Romana remembered for?
The period during which Rome reached the peak of its political and cultural achievement