54 terms

Clinical Review Test 1 & 2

Gram's Iodine
what reagent is considered the mordent in the Gram stain?
Dorsal Recumbent Position
a pt is put on exam table in supine position legs flexed at knees and feet flat on table. What position is this?
Prothrombin Time
which lab test is ordered on periodic basis for pt taking Coumadin (Warfarin)?
which number would represent an alkaline pH?
another name for percent packed RBC's is?
1200 to 1500 ml/24 hours
the normal range of urine output for adults ranges between?
a common sign of diabetes mellitus is?
the Romberg test is associated with what exam?
what is the term given to an instrument equipped with a light in order to visualize within a body cavity?
elevated cholesterol levels are usually associated with what?
the reagent found in fecal occult blood tests is?
Send local health dept a copy of report
if a needle stick injury occurs you should take all following actions except: washing hands, documenting and report, send local health dept a copy of report, cover injury, notify supervisor
infected pregnant women can pass all of following microorganisms to baby during pregnancy or delivery except: syphilis, malaria, HIV, AIDS, HBV
what position is also called the recumbent position?
a measurement of the actual absorbed dose of radiation is called?
Upper GI
which radiological study requires pt to fast for 12 hours prior to procedure?
the majority of accidental poisonings occur at home to children under the age of?
which position is similar to the jackknife position?
Upper GI
a barium swallow is also called?
in the metric system 1000 micrograms equals?
a drug that has no pharmalogical activity because it contains no active ingredients is known as?
if performing a 3 hour GTT you should instruct an adult pt to drink a liquid that contains how many grams of glucose?
Thyroxine is classified as what drug type?
what instrument is used to examine the pressure of eyes?
Echoes obtained and heard by stethoscope
which of following is not true of echocardiography? evaluates inner structures of heart, echoes obtained and heard by stethoscope, echoes obtained by ultrasound, echoes recorded on paper, echoes can be used to detect fluid buildup
what technique can show a detailed cross section of tissue structure?
Respiration Rate
which of following is included in pts vital signs? visual acuity, respiration rate, ht and wt, head circumference, reflexes
Kaposi's Sarcoma
what malignancy is most common HIV related cancer?
what term is used by OSHA to describe the use of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate or destroy blood borne pathogens?
radiation exposure badges are also called?
which lead is also called a bipolar lead?
when a pt lies on back with lower legs supported by extended foot rest what position are they in?
what substance in urine may indicate hyperglycemia?
variation in the shape of RBC's is called?
a special container made of gelatin that is sized for a single dose is called a?
what federal agency requires controlled substances to be stored in a locked cabinet?
fasting specimens are preferred for what test?
Throat Culture
the procedure for obtaining specimens from infected wounds is similar to what culture?
which sphygmomanometers used to measure BP is most accurate?
Pulse Pressure
difference between systolic and diastolic BP is called?
which of following arteries of body is seldom used to take pulse? temporal, carotid, radial, femoral, brachial
what lab test requires the use of serum or plasma?
Aspiration of a bursa sac
which of following requires surgical asepsis? DRE, delivery of baby, aspiration of a bursa sac, flexible proctoscopy, otoscopy
which ECG wave may indicate slow recovery of the Purkinje Fibers?
Sickle Cell
which type of anemia may you find hemoglobin S?
Escherichia Coli
what microorganism is most common cause of UTI's?
emergency supplies include what basic drug?
20 Feet
At what distance should a patient be positioned for a Snellen eye test?
Insulin is produced in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in which organ?
Cod liver oil
An example of an emulsion is?
Which of the following agents are used to relive itching?
All of the following waves on the ECG curve upwards except?
Pushed into the ventricle as a result of atrial contraction
Atrial kick is a term used for the surge of blood that is..
How many limb leads are used in recording an EKG?