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plasma membrane

what organelle is made of phospholipids and controls what goes in and out of the well


what organelle converts food that we eat into energy the cell can use


what organelle is made mostly of phospholipids and is the brain of the cell and holds all the DNA


what organelle digests worn out parts of the cell so the cell can replace its damaged parts and is made mostly of phospholipids

Endoplasmic Reticulum

what organelle makes proteins and lipids and is made up of phospholipids

Golgi Body

what organelle packages and ships products from the ER and sends waste products out of the cell and is made up of phospholipids


what organelle captures energy in sunlight to make sugars from simple chemicals (only in plant cells)


what organelle holds the cell together and gives it a shape. Without this organelle the cell would collapse and float freely. It is made of proteins


what organelle builds proteins and is made of RNA


what organelle stores important materials and is made of phospholipids

Cell Wall

what organelle provides support and protection for the other organelles inside and is made of Carbohydrates


what part of the cell is a watery liquid inside that cell that most of the cells mass coms from and is where the cell gets materials for chemical reactions and reproduction

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