4c. Network Monitoring and Management (cont.)

securing and hardening mobile devices on both a computer network that you directly manage and those outside of your direct control is known as ___________ ___________ _____________
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An example of Something you _________ of authentication method include but is not limited to common access cards and restricted area badgesHaveMultiFactor Authentication or _______-__________ ______________ is a requirement that at a minimal two of the specified types of common authentication methods be usedTwo-Factor Authentication (2FA)It is of extreme importance for the integrity of the device that users are only utilizing software and applications from _____________ ______________Approved SourcesIt is of extreme importance to ensure all mobile devices have some form of __________ installed on them to protect from malicious programs or applications.antivirus___________ are end user mobile devices. These can be laptops, smartphone, or whatever else falls under the category of mobile device.Agents_____________ ____________ ____________ ___________ is the server that is used as a platform for mobile device management purposesMobile Device Management Platform____________ _____________ _____________ __________ can require agents to be baselined, updated to specific patches, and can also provide security policies regarding agentsMobile Device Management PlatformAgents are required to adhere to the security policies that are put into place by the mobile device ______________ platform.managementTrusted sources for applications or software are maintained on a ___________whitelistUntrusted sources for applications or software are maintained on a _____________blacklistFor both whitelists and blacklists, they are configured on the mobile device management ____________.platformmobile device management platforms offer an ability to perform what is known as ____________ _________________Patch Management.__________ ________________ is when mobile devices are baselined in configuration and required to be updated to the same approved version of a patchPatch Management.In the event there is a patch that has presented a new security flaw, _________ _________________ features allow the establishment of a rollback to the previous patch to be accomplished automatically by all end user mobile devices.patch management__________ ______________ are features that are used if an end user is unable to maintain physical control of a mobile device and it has become lost or stolen.Remote services_____________ ______________ can assist in finding a lost or stolen mobile device.Location Services__________ ___________ can assist in removing sensitive data from a lost or stolen mobile device.Remote Wipe___________ can assist in restoring data in the event it has been lost of becomes corrupted.BackupsIf a remote wipe was performed as a cautionary response to a mobile device being lost but found later, the data can be restored via ___________backups