Bio-100: Chromosome & Cell Division--Meiosis

Meiosis starts with a single _____ cell and ends with multiple _____ cells
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What is the study of the creation of sperm?SpermatogenesisMeiosis results in ____ new sperm cells each timeFourThe development of sperm cells in males start to occur during....PubertyThe development of egg cells in females begins at ______ which is the 1st round of meiosis and ends at _____ which is the 2nd round of meiosisGestation; FertilizationMeiosis results in ____ new mature egg cell(s) each timeOneT/F Females will continue to create egg cells throughout their early adulthoodFalse; all eggs were already developed while famale was in uteroWhat are non-viable egg cells called?Polar BodiesHaploid cells carry a full OR half set of genetic informationHALFT/F Each zygote has a unique genetic identityTrueWhat phase does crossing over or synapsis occur in?Prophase IThe two possibilities of genetic diversity during meiosis are through ______ & ______Prophase I (Crossing Over) & Metaphase in both Meiosis I & IIWhat phase(s) does independent assortment occur in?Metaphase I & Metaphase IIHow does Nondisjunction occur?Occurs when homologous chromosomes do not separate correctly during meiosisWhat phase/stages do nondisjunctions occur in?Meiosis I during prophase & Meiosis I and II during metaphaseWhat is an Euploid?An individual with their appropiate number of chromosomes for their speciesWhat is an Aneuploid?An individual with an error in chromosome numbersWhat is a Monosomy?Loss of one chromosomeWhat is a trisomy?Gain of an extraneous chromosomeWhat genetic condictions arise with a trisomy fetus?The trisomy of the ___ chromosome is less severe than many other trisomies due to __ inactivationX; XA nondisjunction occuring during Meiosis I is more/less severe than one occuring in Meiosis II?Meiosis I is More SevereWhat is a polyploidy?An individual with more than the correct number of chromosome setsHow do duplications or deletions work?Duplicated chromosome segments may fuse to existing chromosomes or may be free in the nucleusWhat are the three main catagories of life cycles in multicellular organisms?Diploid Dominant, Haploid Dominant, & Alternation of GenerationWhat does Diploid Dominant mean & which animals live by this cyle?Where multicellular diploid stages are the most obvious life stage (most animals including humans)What does Haploid Dominant mean & which animals live by this cyle?Where multicellular haploid stages are the most obvious life stage (all fungi & some algae)What does Alternation of Generation mean & which animals live by this cyle?Where two stages are apparent is different degrees depending on the group (plants & some algae)Why is genetic variation important?For allowing a population to adapt in the long-term