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  1. Amendment 10
  2. Trial Courts
  3. Affect of poverty of young people
  4. How do judges become judges?
  5. Amendment 5
  1. a joining a gang because gangs commit crimes that benefit the members beneficially
  2. b elected and appointed; in new jersey they are appointed
  3. c All powers not given to Congress by the Constitution are resevered for the states
  4. d -grand jury must indict a person charged for a felony (probable cause to indite)
    -no double jeopardy
    -protection for you to not be forced to testify against yourself
    -due process of law
    -private property cannot be taken away unless paid for
  5. e listen to testimony, consider evidence, and decide the fact in disputed situations

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  1. judicial branch
  2. Right to keep and bear arms
  3. Right to be secure in your home from government agencies, soldiers, press, etc. and against unreasonable search and seisure
  4. a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent
  5. what the lawmakes who passed a law wanted the law to mean. If the language of a statute is unclear, judge will often look at this to help them interpret the law

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  1. Legal malpracticelisten to testimony, consider evidence, and decide the fact in disputed situations


  2. Article 1legislative branch


  3. Jurisprudencekind of law that local governments make


  4. Amendment 7Right to a jury trial in civil cases where the value is over $20


  5. Judicial Reviewpower of legal court system to review laws to see if they are unconstitutiona