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  1. Amendment 3
  2. Federal Agencies
  3. Article 1
  4. Legal malpractice
  5. Amendment 10
  1. a -Executive Office of the President
  2. b negligence or breach of duty by an attorney that causes harm to the client
  3. c legislative branch
  4. d All powers not given to Congress by the Constitution are resevered for the states
  5. e a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent

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  1. protection from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  2. Rights not listed in the Constitution cannot be taken away nor new amendments be written to take away the Bill of Rights
  3. Right to a jury trial in civil cases where the value is over $20
  4. -grand jury must indict a person charged for a felony (probable cause to indite)
    -no double jeopardy
    -protection for you to not be forced to testify against yourself
    -due process of law
    -private property cannot be taken away unless paid for
  5. elected and appointed; in new jersey they are appointed

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  1. Amendment 4Right to keep and bear arms


  2. Amendment 6-provides for a speedy trial
    -must be informed of your crime
    -right to confront, question, and provide witnesses
    -impartial jury
    -right to an attorney


  3. Legislative intentthe study of law and legal philosophy


  4. Trial Courtsreview decisions of a trial-level or lower court


  5. Article 3judicial branch


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