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  1. Article 1
  2. Amendment 6
  3. Who makes treaties?
  4. Amendment 3
  5. Amendment 8
  1. a -provides for a speedy trial
    -must be informed of your crime
    -right to confront, question, and provide witnesses
    -impartial jury
    -right to an attorney
  2. b legislative branch
  3. c protection from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  4. d Presidents, federal governments
  5. e a soldier cannot live in your house without your consent

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  1. Right to keep and bear arms
  2. All powers not given to Congress by the Constitution are resevered for the states
  3. -Executive Office of the President
  4. executive branch
  5. review decisions of a trial-level or lower court

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  1. How do judges become judges?elected and appointed; in new jersey they are appointed


  2. Checks and balances-Executive Office of the President


  3. Affect of poverty of young people-Executive Office of the President


  4. Legislative intentwhat the lawmakes who passed a law wanted the law to mean. If the language of a statute is unclear, judge will often look at this to help them interpret the law


  5. Amendment 5Right to keep and bear arms