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  1. Checks and balances
  2. Who makes treaties?
  3. Ordinances
  4. Legal malpractice
  5. Bill of Rights
  1. a Presidents, federal governments
  2. b negligence or breach of duty by an attorney that causes harm to the client
  3. c the first ten amendments to the US Constitution
  4. d 3 branches of government are independent; each has the power to restrain the other branches in a system; prevents one branch from becoming too powerful
  5. e kind of law that local governments make

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  1. executive branch
  2. power of legal court system to review laws to see if they are unconstitutiona
  3. elected and appointed; in new jersey they are appointed
  4. protection from excessive bail, excessive fines, and cruel and unusual punishment
  5. All powers not given to Congress by the Constitution are resevered for the states

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  1. Jurisprudencethe study of law and legal philosophy


  2. Vetothe power or right vested in one branch of government to cancel or postpone the decisions of another branch, especially the right of the president


  3. Human rights violations (not in the Constitution)denial of food, shelter, water


  4. Amendment 9Rights not listed in the Constitution cannot be taken away nor new amendments be written to take away the Bill of Rights


  5. Affect of poverty of young peoplejoining a gang because gangs commit crimes that benefit the members beneficially