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The machines have to be made of ...... materials.


Are you ...... or anti the new bill?


The system costs £99.95 including postage, packing and a 12-month ...... .


Some people buy brands to ...... others.


I've never really cared much for flash new cars - old vintage cars are more to my ...... .


There's been a lot of ...... surrounding his latest film.

fed up with

I'm job.


They paid $2 million to the world champion to ...... their new aftershave.


They launched a campaign to stop the ...... sale of cigarettes to children under 16.


The price of the product is .......

attract attention

I don't want to buy brand to ...... of others.

value for money

The price is a bit higher than other similar products, but it's ...... .

top of the range

The company produces ...... products.

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