Error Prone Abbreviations--Medical Terminology Chapter 2

10 terms by asianschoolgurl

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right ear, left ear, both ears
RISK: mistaken as OD, OS, OU (right/left/both eyes)
Preferred Use: spell out right ear, left ear, both ears


right eye, left eye, both eyes
RISK: mistaken as AD, AS, AU (right/left/both ears)
Preferred Use: spell out right eye, left eye, both eyes


cubic centimeter
RISK: mistaken as units!
Preferred use: use the metric equivalent = mL


discharge, discontinue
RISK: mistaken for "discontinue" when followed by medications prescribed at the time of discharge
Preferred use: spell out discontinue or discharge


RISK: mistaken as "half-strength"
Preferred use: spell out bedtime

q.d. (*)

every day
RISK: mistaken for q.i.d. when the period after the "q" is sloppily written to look like an "i"
Preferred use: NEVER USE! Spell out every day or daily

q.o.d. (*)

every other day
RISK: mistaken for q.d. when the "o" is mistaken for a period
Preferred use: NEVER USE! Spell out every other day

SC, SQ, sub-Q

RISK: mistaken for SL (sublingual) or 5Q (5 everyday)
Preferred use: spell out subcut or subcutaneously

ss (with line on top)

one half
RISK: mistaken as "55"
Preferred use: use one-half or 1/2

>, <

greater than, less than
RISK: mistaken for each other
Preferred use: spell out greater than or less than

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