Career Preparation Edge - Making Decisions at Work

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When a person is unable to make a decision because they have no way to process and weigh the risks and rewards in front of them, they are said to have _____.
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Defining the decision is most important because without framing the issue, there can be no decision made. Analyzing your resources is the most important because your decision cannot be considered effective if it requires resources you do not have access to. Identifying your choices is the most important because you cannot actually decide without choices, you would have to do one thing. Gathering information is the most important because information is essential to the shaping of a consensus on a decision. Without gathering more information once the choices have been made, the decision making process will grind to a halt. Evaluating choices is the most important because it is where each decision is actually weighed and considered. This step has to be included for a decision to actually be made. Making a decision is the most important because it is the culmination of all the other choices. This is the step the other steps exist to support. Deciding how to implement decision is the most important because a decision has no weight unless you choose to go though with it.
Grid analysis can be inaccurate if each consequence is not weighted properly. This can occur when the decision makers are not able to accurately measure the severity of a consequence, or when a decision maker changes weights to reflect their preferred course of action. It is also possible that the grid analysis will fail if all of the possible consequences are not considered. In any case, grid analysis is a tool, and cannot be 100 percent accurate.