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What is the chronology of Indian Empires?

Mauryan, Gupta, Delhi Sultanates, and Mughal.

Who was the founder of India's first empire?

Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire.

What was the type of government that allowed Maurya to easily conquer kingdoms?

He established a strong, centralized government.

Who was the adviser that Maurya relied heavily on?

Kautilya. Under his guidance, Chandragupta divided his empire and appointed rulers to them.

Who became emperor after Chandragupta?

His grandon, Ashoka. Considered one of India's greatest rulers, the Mauryan Empire reached its height.

What changed Ashoka's initial vision for the Mauryan Empire?

Initially, Ashoka continued the expansion of the empire, but a violent campaign against a region in the East appalled Ashoka. He became a Buddhist and began to lead a policy of right conduct.

What initially caused the decline of the Mauryan Empire?

Ashoka's sons battle for power and central control weakened. The distant regions began to slip from the empire. The empire collapsed when the last Mauryan emperor was killed.

Where did the Gupta Empire rise to power?

Like the Mauryan Empire, it rose in the region of Magadha.

Who founded the Gupta Dynasty?

Chandra Gupta I, but he has no relation to Chandragupta Maurya.

What was the rule of the Gupta Empire like, compared to Mauryan rule?

It was less centralized. It divided the main part of the empire into units, and royal officials governed each unit. More distant areas were ruled locally.

Under which leader did the Gupta Empire reach its height?

Under Chandra Gupta II. He expanded the empire and strengthened its economy. His reign was a period of prosperity and cultural acheivement in India.

What religion did the Gupta Empire support?

Hinduism. Its popularity was initially lost during the period between the empires. At the same time, it also supported Buddhism, but not as much.

How did the Gupta Empire eventually weaken?

The loose control over conquered areas allowed them to break away. Central Asian nomads also began to invade India. Military efforts drained the treasury.

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