Criminal Justice Test 2

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Delinquencyjuvenile actions or conduct in violation of criminal law, juvenile status offenses, or other juvenile misbehaviorparens patriaeparens patriae principle allowed the government to take a parental role in dealing with delinquent childrendelinquent childa child who violates the criminal lawundisciplined childa child who is beyond parental control and refuses to obey legitimate authoritydependent childa child who has parents or guardians to care for him or herabused childa child who suffers physical, emotional, or sexual abuse form a parent or guardianneglected childa child who does not recieve proper care from his or her parents or guardiansAre communications between probation officers and their clients privileged?Nowhen was imprisonment first used as a punishment in the US?Imprisonment as punishment developed in the US in the late 18th centuryhow many state and federal prisons are there in the US?about 1720 state prisons and 119 federal prisons in the country todayhow many times higher are males imprisoned than females?14 timesWomen's population percentage in US jails15%which was the first state to hire probation officer?MassachusettsWhat are the 4 distinct prison subcultures?official traditional reform revolutionaryName the four stage process of the justice system?Intake adjudication diposition post adjudicatory reviewname the three possible types of appealsfrivolous ritualistic nonconsensualCourt case that made speedy trial applicable to state couts?Speedy trial provision in the 6th amendment Klopfer v. NC made constitutional guarantees of speedy trial applicable to state courts.Percent of women in prison who are mothers?80% of women entering prison are mothers and 85% of whom had custody when admitted to prisonHow many children have a parent in prisonover 1.7 million American children have a parent in prison