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Mao believed that the path to successfully changing China into a Marxism regime would be accomplished only if he had the help of what group?
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What did the Japanese people do after the United States ended its occupation of this island country?the leaders of Japan signed a treaty which provided U.S. military protection for their islands, which is still in effect todayWhat was one of Mao's most unusual characteristics when compared to other leaders of China?his strong distrust of intellectualsWhat did the Soviet Union do during the Vietnam War?they took a bystanders role rather than assisting the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese AmryWhat has India done since attaining its independence from Britain?maintained a large degree of democracyWhat did China try to do with the Great Leap Forward?make itself industrially independent of outside aidWhat is the greatest long-term problem for Southeast Asia?population growthWhat contributed to the downfall of the Johnson administration?the failure to simultaneously wage the Vietnam War and the War on PovertyWhat was the problem with Mao's farm communes?too large to be effectiveWhat was the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution?-targeted intellectuals that Mao distrusted -doctors and professors were often sent to the farms and dug potatoes and planted rice fieldsDuring the Cultural Revolution how might one obtain a government position?by memorizing Mao's little red bookDescribe Deng Xiaping.-took over as Premier of China shortly after the death of Chairman Mao -had been a prison of the Cultural Revolution -most important achievement: allow free-market incentives -sought to improve relations with foreign capitalists and bring investment capital into his country -the students went farther than he would allow and he ordered the massacre of demonstrating students at Tiananmen SquareWhat caused the greatest tension between China and the United States?the United States supported an independent Taiwan and China was determined its part of ChinaHow did Japan achieve economic prosperity after World War II?1. a disciplined and skilled labor force 2. cheap oil was available for purchase for years after the war ended 3. the people's high rate of savings that was able to be used to make loans and reinvestment in industry 4. its protection was being provided by the US and the country could send the money that would have gone to other thingsIn 1960 a split occurred between what two communist leaders?Mao Zedong and Soviet Leader Nikita KrushchevDescribe Indira Ghandi.Asia's first female leader, an adept politician, assassinated by Sikh fanaticsWhat nation has caused China to ally itself with the west in recent years?North KoreaWhat has China's economy been like since the death of Chairman Mao?economic development has dramatically increased]What event gave the U.S. President the ability to become more involved in Vietnam?the Tonkin Gulf IncidentWhat society was most involved in the Vietnam War?USIndia's Jawaharlal Nehru different from Mahatma Gandhi in what way?in western style industrializationWhat region do India and Pakistan have a long-running feud over?KashmirWhat revolution was first aimed against intellectuals in China?The Great Proletarian RevolutionHow did the Vietnam war begin?as a national rebellion against the FrenchWho did Mao first model China's government upon?Stalin / Soviet UnionWhat are the most prosperous areas of Southeast Asia?Hong Kong and SingaporeConflicts between what two groups led to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi?Tamils and SinaleseWhere did the Chinese government violently crush a student protest movement?Tiananmen SquareWhat used the thought of Chairman Mao to spearhead a radical revolutionary campaign?The Red GuardaddThe Cultural Revolution was a disaster, & shortly after his death, Mao's public posters were removed.addIn 1997, China regained control of Hong Kong.addThe war in Vietnam was most significant to the United States.