Chapter 8 Psych

Children have the highest self-esteem when
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Fernando does not cut in line, raises his hand in class before talking, and stops his car at stop signs on the road. He focuses on rules that have been established by social consensus in order to control behavior and maintain the social system. Which of the following best describes Fernando's reasoning?
Students with ________ for learning may avoid many learning tasks, especially those that are challenging.low self-efficacyWhich of the following statements is true of the development of self-understanding in children?Self-understanding becomes more complex in middle and late childhood.In the context of domain theory, moral rules are widely accepted, somewhat impersonal, andObligatoryMr. Trahan teacher English. He adopts a constructivist approach to learning. In his classroom, it is most likely that the students will beworking in groups to discover the meaning of a poem.According to developmentalists, which of the following is a peer status among children?neglected childrenIn the context of children's development which of the following is true of children's friendships?Children's friendships are typically characterized by similarity.Identify a true statement about Carol Gilligan's criticism of Lawrence Kohlberg's theory of moral development.Kohlberg's theory puts justice at the heart of morality.Popular childrenare frequently nominated as a best friend and are rarely disliked by their peersIn the context of the developmental changes in emotions during the middle and late childhood years, who among the following children most likely exhibit the ability to suppress or cancel negative emotional reactions?Chris who has learned to tone down his anger when one of his classmates irritates him.Mary thinks that she is a good person. This observation reflects Mary'sself-esteem