Introduction To Science-Final Exam study

Has 5 questions I should know.
An organized way (scientific method) of studing things and finding answers to questions.
3 main branches of Science
Physical Science
Earth Science
Life Science
Physical Science
the study of matter and energy
Earth Science
the study of the Earth, rocks, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes etc...
Life Science
the study of living things
Scientific Method
is a way to utilize a systematic aproach to problem solving.
Steps of the Scientific Method
state the problem, gather information through observations, form a hypothesis, perform an experiment, record an analyzed result, and draw a conclusion.
Safety rules in a lab
always wear goggles, follow directions, don't perform unauthorized experiments, if something spills tell a teacher, don't heat liquid in a closed container, hold back of hand to container to measure heat, waft fumes to you don't sniff, keep lids closed when not using, don't eat or drink in a lab, clean up after yourself, wash hands and always treat organisms with respect.