Psyc 314 Exam (2)

Carl Jung was born into a family of
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The relationship between Freud and JungWas very close until an abrupt endingThe _________________ is the integrating activity of the selfTranscendent functionThe relationship between Jung and Freud was like two magnets drawn to one another because Jung ______________ and Freud ______________Wanted a strong father figure; wanted to be admiredNellie has a very flexible, go-with-the-flow mentality toward life. Most things don't upset her. According to the MBTI, she would be classified asPerceivingOvercompensating for inferiority feelings can lead toA superiority complexAccording to Adler, _________________ is defined as choosing masculine qualities over feminine onesMasculine protestAdler's teacher thoughtHe wasn't going to graduateAccording to Adler, at the base of both inferiority complexes and superiority complexes isA feeling of inferiorityNeil has discovered that he and his colleagues can accomplish more by working together than working apart. Adler would explain this situation asSocial interestAdler believed that the source of all human striving isInferiority feelingsYou have a child, Kris, and are expecting your second child. If Kris is typical of the oldest child, she will most likely experienceA feeling of dethronementJack is trying to compensate for feelings of inferiority by becoming an excellent tuba player and making the band as good as possible. Adler would view his asStriving for superiorityAt the age of four, Adler experienced what significant experienceDeath of younger siblingAccording to Adler, progress, growth, and development result from attempts toCompensate for feelings of inferiority