Who described the policy of Containment in an article featured in Foreign Affairs?
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What was the Prague Spring?A four month period of freedom in Czechoslovakia.Other than recognizing borders in Eastern Europe, what else did the Helsinki Accords accomplish?It committed all signatory powers to recognize and protect the human rights of their citizens.The Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher a. Privatized some government-owned enterprises b. Increased the trend toward socialism c. Made numerous concessions to British miners in order to win their votes d. Encouraged closer relations with the European Communitya. Privatized some government-owned enterprisesWhat was Betty Friedan known for?Believing that women suffered from a profound crisis in identity.What was the common denominator most student protests shared in the late 1960s?Anger over US presence in VietnamWhat was the policy of Perestroika?A policy that involved the restructuring of the social and economic status quo in communist Russia towards a market based economy and society.Who was the last head (leader) of the USSR?Mikhail GorbachevWhat did the Dayton Accords establish?Split Bosnia into a loose union of a Serb Republic and a Muslim-Croat Federation.The Kosovo Liberation Army a. Sought to keep Kosovo under Serb, that is, Yugoslavian control b. Desired political independence or autonomy of Kosovo c. Wanted Kosovo to continue as a province of Albania d. Wanted the Yugoslav army to protect the Serbs and remove the Albanians from Kosovoc. Wanted Kosovo to continue as a province of AlbaniaHow did late 1980s USSR politics differ from the Lenninist policies regarding the "top of the political order"?- Leninst wanted socialism and one party state and strict. 1980s USSR was more open to reform and criticism - Dictatorship vs DemocracyWhat Russian leader, later elected president of the Russian Republic, criticized the rate of reform during Gorbachev's premiership?Boris YeltsinWhich were the first members of the former Soviet Union to declare their independence?Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.What ethnic group did the Serbians attempt to evict forcibly from Kosovo?AlbaniansWhich of the following statements concerning the region formerly known as Yugoslavia most accurate? a. Serbian collusion with Nazi occupiers inflamed ethnic differences b. Prior to World War II, there was no history of ethnic violence in the region of Yugoslavia c. Serbia and Croatia were enemies with a history of hostility that was masked by their federated status in Yugoslavia d. The only positive factor in Slavic nationalism in Yugoslavia was the absence of religious diversityd. The only positive factor in Slavic nationalism in Yugoslavia was the absence of religious diversityWhat head of the East German state was forced to resign over the issue of emigration to West Germany?unknown