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AudismThe notion that one is superior based on one's ability to hear or behave in the manner of one who hearsLinguisticismThe false belief that ASL contributes to difficulties in learning English among deaf children and therefore should not be used by parents and educatorsAbleismA term coined by the disabled community to depict discrimination experienced by people with disabilitiesWhat comes with the term "disability"the focus on fixing deafness even if Deaf people themselves do not perceive themselves as in need of being fixedName one thing Alexander Graham Bell did to contribute to AudismEncouraged Oralism, Used his wealth to promote oralism, used his wealth and influence to rally support for the cause of oralism leading to the banning of sign language at the Milan Convention, believed in eugenics and plead to ban deaf marriages out of fear of spreading deafness by birthGive a blatant example of Audism in our current worldApologizing for deafness, Promoting cochlear implants, promoting speech, stifiling ASL, words like hearing loss, hearing impaired, and disabled etc.What does De'Via stand forDeaf View Image ArtWhich Distinct Area of deaf art includes pieces by deaf artists that do not contain any reference to the deaf community or cultureGeneral ArtWhich distinct area of deaf art includes work that may appear general at first but includes specific details that carries special meaning to the deaf communityDeaf Culture ArtWhich distinct area of deaf art includes pieces in which the artists express their emotions related to their own experiences with being deafDeaf Experience ArtGive 3 Examples of resistance De'ViaAudism, Oralism, Cochlear Implants, Identity Confusion, Mainstreaming, EugenicsGive 3 Examples of Affirmation De'ViaEmpowerment, Deafhood, ASL, Acceptance, Affiliation, AcculturationDefine Elite DeafA group of deaf professionals, middle-class individuals. Most have college degrees, hold professional jobs, and make a comfortable livingDefine Grassroots DeafThe Average Deaf who make up the majority of the deaf communityWhat was the focal point of DPN in 1988To put a end to hearing dominance of the deaf education system and affirm the need for deaf leadership in affairs related to deaf peopleWhat was the focal point of DPN in 2006Growing tension over diversity in the Deaf Community. The concern that a person is not "deaf enough"List 3 Personal Differences within the Deaf CommunityDifferent levels of hearing, different personal histories associated with sign language usage, different educational backgrounds, different degrees of parental acceptance and support, different degrees of identification with other deaf peopleWhat are the three types of transmissions of deaf cultureExplicit, Tacit, and EmblematicWhat is cross cultural humorHumor that transcends culture, it is able to be enjoyed by people of different cultures without being offensiveWho is "That Deaf Guy" the CartoonistMatt and Kay DaigleWhat is the difference between a deaf joke and a hearing jokeHearing jokes show dependency or emphasis on sound which is not deaf humor. Deaf Jokes play off the linguistic factors in ASL. They are visually active and linguistically funny.Explain Deaf HumorCulturally based because in their jokes the deaf person is the protagonist and sometimes the jokes are at the expense of hearing people. It is understood and appreciated if the listener has knowledge of the culture.Give 3 examples of ASL PunsCOOL, WOW, Bologna, IHOP, Pasteurized Milk, i will always love you, where is the love, understand, underwear, sears, duh, runny nose, brownie, airhead, food on the brain, pea brain, think hearingGive an Example of Deaf JokesTimber, King Kong, The preacher and the farmboy, etc....