BIOL 1108 Final Exam quizzes 7-9 and 11

How do ATP molecules store energy?
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Which cells undergo meiosis?sperm cellsDuring meiosis there is only 1 cellular divisionfalseMost of the cells in the image are in which phase?interphaseThe union of two gametes from two individual organisms is called ovulationfalseMost of your cells contain 46 chromosomes. You inherited 23 from your mother and 23 from your father4 histonesFemale gametes or sex cells are calledovumDuring interphase of meiosis, homologous chromosomes are replicated?trueTo calculate total magnification you take the magnification of the eyepiece and multiply with thetrueTo yield haploid cells, in meiosis II, the parent and daughter DNA separatefalseWhich checkpoint checks for DNA damage after replicationG2 checkpointNucleotides are substrates for theDNA PolymeraseThe function of primer is to separate double stranded DNA in order to initiate and direct DNAfalseDNA polymerase binds to the template DNA and synthesizes DNA in a _________ direction.5' ----- 3'In a gel electrophoresis, the ______ DNA molecules will move in the gel faster andsmaller; longerWhich is the first step in the PCR process?denaturation stepA DNA polymerasesynthesizes DNAThe function of primers in a PCR reaction is tobind specific sites on the DNAWhich of the following is NOT needed to perform a PCR experiment?DNA helicaseVNTRs arevariable number tandem repeatsSeparation of DNA is caused by high temperature (95 degrees Celsius)trueA section of DNA that codes for a trait, characteristic, is known as ageneThe study of heredity is know asgeneticsChange over time is known asevolutionAn alternative form of a gene isalleleA dominant allele will always mask or hide the recessive alleletrueHow many net ATP from substrate level phosphorylation does glycolysis yield?2Which parameters could you use to measure the effects of exercise on cellular respiration in mice?all are correctMetabolism comes from the Greek word meaning "metabolic"falseAerobic respiration requires oxygen.trueThe second step in cellular respiration is electron transport chain.falseWhat action would you recommend to the point guard?drink a maltose sports drinkGlycolysis occurs in the nucleus of the cell.falseAnaerobic respiration requires oxygen.falseThe equation for cellular respiration is as follows: C6H12O6 + 6O2 + 38 ADP -> 6CO2 + H20 + 38 ATP + HEAT is this a balanced equation?falseThe first step in cellular respiration isglycolysisThe second step in photosynthesis is known as the Calvin Cycle.trueWhere does photosynthesis occur?ChloroplastThe second step in photosynthesis are known as the light reactions.falseProtein complexes are found in the nucleus.falseThe wavelength for chlorophylls range from500 nm - 600 nmWhere are the pigment molecules located?in a protein complex that keeps them in placeWhat is wrong with the centrifuge?it is not balancedIn the lab, did you find something interesting?yes, the chloroplasts contain hydrophilic pigments that absorb green lightThe following figure is an example of an onion cell undergoing what stage in mitosis?anaphase spindles separatingHow can we obtain cells for a cell culture?all are possible optionsMitosis can proceed from metaphase to anaphase if all sister chromatids are properly attached to microtubules (via the kinetochore). This is checked during theM checkpointFemales have XX chromosomes.XXIf you are working with the scanning power (4x) and your eyepiece is 10 x, what is total magnification?40xThe union of two gametes from two individual organisms is called ovulation.falseWhich characteristics allow you to identify cells in interphase?DNA is not condensed and the nuclear envelope is present.The daughter cells of meiosis arehaploidWhich phase of mitosis is visible?telophaseThe function of primers is to separate double stranded DNA in order to initiate and direct DNA synthesis.FalseDNA ladder is a standard that can be used to compare the size of the nucleic acid samples.TrueGenetic information is contained in certain segments of the DNA molecule calledgenesDNA is ____________charged.negativelyThe monomers of DNA arephosphate, sugar, nitrogen baseThe method that separates and sorts the fragments cut from a sample of DNA, based on the size of the fragment. The size of the fragments is determining by running a gel with the ladder in a well next to the sample with unknown lengths.gel electrophoresisA DNA ladder can help determine the origin of the DNA.false