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Aaliyah has been asked to do research in a new payment system for the retail stores that her company owns. Which technology is predominately used for contactless payment systems that she will investigate?
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An attacker can steal data from any folder with file sharing enabled.

Wireless endpoints must be manually approved to connect to the WLAN.

Usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other information sent over the WLAN could be captured by an attacker.

Malware can be injected into a computer connected to the WLAN.
Which of these is a vulnerability of MAC address filtering in a WLAN?Not all operating systems support MACs. APs use IP addresses instead of MACs. The user must enter the MAC. MAC addresses are initially exchanged unencrypted.Which of these is a 24-bit value that changes each time a packet is encrypted and then is combined with a shared secret key?RC IV SL SSDWhich of these does not require authentication?Open method PSK Enterprise method Initialization methodWhich of these is the encryption protocol for WPA2?CMAC-RSTS CPB CBD-MAC CCMPAdabella was asked by her supervisor to adjust the frequency spectrum settings on a new AP. She brought up the configuration page and looked through the different options. Which of the following frequency spectrum settings would she NOT be able to adjust?Frequency band Channel selection RFID spectrum Channel widthImani has been asked to purchase wireless LAN controllers (WLCs) for the office. What type of APs must she also purchase that can be managed by a WLC?Standalone AP Controller AP Fat AP Any type of AP can be managed by a WLCWhich WPA3 security feature is designed to increase security at the time of the handshake?WEP MIT OWE SAEMaryam is explaining the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP). What would be the best explanation of EAP?It is the transport protocol used in TCP/IP for authentication. It is a framework for transporting authentication protocols. It is a subset of WPA2. It is a technology used by IEEE 802.11 for encryption.Minh has been asked to recommend an EAP for a system that uses both passwords and tokens with TLS. Which should she recommend?EAP-FAST EAP-TLS EAP-TTLS EAP-SSLWhich of these is NOT a type of wireless AP probe?Wireless device probe WNIC probe Dedicated probe AP probe