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COLLEGE: Meterology 101 Chapter 5

Means reflectivity. Thick clouds do this more.
radiation fog
Produced by the ground cooling. Clear nights with moist air overlain by drier air. Ground cools rapidly because shallow moist air doesn't absorb much IR. Air then cools rapidly.
surface inversion
When cooler air is at the surface and warmer air is above it.
What type of fog forms in a valley?
radiation fog
advection fog
When warm air moves over a significantly colder surface. Air is cooled to the dewpoint temperature.
advection-radiation fog
Fog that forms as relatively warm, moist air moves over a colder surface that cooled mainly by radiational cooling.
evaporation (mixing) fog
Fog produced by increased water vapor due to evaporation, and moist air mixes with relatively drier air.
steam fog
Mixing fog (evaporation) that forms when cold air moves over warm air (hot tub.)
frontal fog
Mixing fog that forms as wrm raindrops evaporate in a cool air mass.
Detect infrared radiation. These instruments can be used to indicate cloud height. Cloud temperature is a good indication of height.
Why is cloud altitude difficult to detect from an arial photograph.
Clouds reflect light (albedo)
As air cools overnight, condensation occurs on the ground.
frozen dew
Forms when air temperature drops to freezing or below.
Air at or below freezing. Water changes directly to ice without becoming a liquid first.
dry haze
Dust or salt scatter sunlight. Looks bluish or yellowish
wet haze
Condensation on particles increases scattering of sunlight. Looks like a thin, white veil over horizon.
A cloud resting near the ground.
Describe fog "burn off"
Sunlight penetrates through fog. Warms the ground. Increases temperature of foggy air and some water evaporates. This clears fog. Clearer fog causes more sunlight to penetrate.
Where is the largest concentration of condensation nuclei found?
Near the Earth's surface.
Which restricts visibility more? Wet haze or dry haze?
Wet haze
Which is thicker, fog forming in dirty air or fog forming in clean air?
Dirty air
Means high fog
If a fog is forming in Denver, Colorado, and the wind is blowing east, then the fog is due to
Upslope fog because of the mountains to the west.
Where would you see cirrus clouds at a lower altitude (3,000m)?
What type of cloud is an altostratus cloud?
Middle cloud
What type of cloud is a cirrocumulus?
High cloud
What type of cloud is a cumulonimbus?
Cloud with vertical development
Which type of cloud is associated with a "mackerel sky?"
What is an undulatus?
The parallel waves of clouds of an altocumulus
What is another name for a "nacreous cloud?"
Mother of pearl cloud
Attracts water (salt)
Repells water
Fog forms near surface water because the water near the coast of the Pacific is ___________ than the water farther offshore.