What stories did the Indians tell these people in order to get them to move on?
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What did the king of Spain decide would be the new focus of the Spanish that remained in New Mexico?The King of Spain decided the new focuses of the Spanish would be not focusing on material wealth but spiritual wealth. The new goal would be to convert and serve the Pueblo Indians.How do you think Cabeza de Vaca, with only 3 men, was able to survive for all of those years as he traveled through Texas back to New Spain? Why wasn't he just killed on the spot?People rely on faith whenever in a time of need. Could've trusted in God and let God lead his path. The men showed respect to the Indigenous people. Had to think in a logical way and humble himself. They were then enslaved by the Karankawa Indians. The men escaped after a few years. The men learned languages making it easier to socialise and make peace with other Indian tribes. Started picking up on the customs. Started learning frontier survival skills (hunter and gatherer mindset). Needed food and water to survive. In total, the journey got rid of his superiority complex. Wanted to stop harming, but learn from the Indians. Sent back to Spain for suggesting an idea.How were the conquistadors different from the priests? How did the conquistadors and priests of the expeditions interact with the indigenous people they encountered and why?Conquistadors have a self-serving mindset. They are only in it for the riches and conquering and will do just about anything to get what they want. Just sort of went in and did what they wanted, not caring about how the Natives felt. The priests have a mindset of converting the Indians. They feel God has told them to do so. However, telling someone their religion is wrong is bad. People are allowed to have their own opinion and believe whatever they want.How might a different approach from the Spaniards have worked better? (Have Cabeza de Vaca in mind/Paraguay)The Spaniards approach was an impatient, demanding approach. They demanded gold and other riches, and if they did not get their way, they would harm or even kill the Indians. It was like a free for all with human lives. Cabeza de Vaca learned many things in his 9 years of slavery and survival. One of them being the Spaniards should not attack nor harm the Indians but instead learn from them. The conquerors stationed in Paraguay also had a different experience. They had to be more careful and interact with the Indians. A different approach could have not been demanding, but polite and respectful. If they showed respect to the Indians culture and religion, they would get knowledge and other goods in return. Less violence would equal a better relationship.