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Worker's Compensation (federal and states)
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Morris Frank and Buddy are important because they showed how a man who is blind could navigate independently in different communities. True/FalseTrueWhat is the name of the institution that serves people with severe intellectual disabilities in eastern North Carolina?Caswell Development CenterEugenics can be compared to pruning a bush - society cuts out the weak or diseased parts to make the society strong and better. True/FaleTrueSocial Darwinism posits that the fittest (strongest,wealthiest) will survive and that people with disabilities do not fit in the social order. True/FalseTrueThe Randolph-Sheppard Act resulted in requiring the federal government to purchase goods produced in workshops by those who are blind. True/FalseFalseWhich of the following is a reason that disability rates have increased in recent years?Change in modern medicineCompulsory school attendance laws enacted in part to facilitate the inclusion of people with disabilities in public classrooms. Thereby, reducing segregated schools for children with disabilities. True/FalseFalseWhich law opened the door to funding for large government programs including vocational rehabilitation?in 1913 the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution permitted the collection of taxes on income.Which of the following is not covered under the ADA?Compulsive GamblingDavid is applying for a position at Walmart to be a cashier. He has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and therefore he has severe anxiety, mistrust for others and he demonstrates hypervigilance when in stressful situations, such as during an interview. The employer asks David during this interview if he has PTSD. Which of the following Titles under ADA would this be violating?Title IKatina has a government job where she has to attend public meetings regularly. Katina is partially deaf in both ears and therefore needs an interpreter or assistive technology when attending meetings. At one of the public meetings, she notices that there are no assistive listening system or sign language interpreters and therefore is unable to understand what is being said at the meeting. Which of the following titles would be violated under ADA?Title IILee is a student at East Carolina University. He uses a wheelchair to get around campus. In the past, his wheelchair has not been a barrier to him accessing buildings at ECU, but this semester has been a different story. On the first day of class, Lee was absent from ADRE 3000 because the building was inaccessible for his wheelchair and, therefore, he could not make it to class. Which of the following ADA titles would this be violating?Title IIIFalesha has a sister who recently moved away. Her sister is deaf and therefore in order for her to communicate with her sister, she has to do so using VRS. Which title under ADA requires that telephone companies provide services for individuals who are deaf such as VRS?Title IVADA Title Iprohibits discrimination in recruitment, hiring, promotions, training, pay, social activities and other privileges of employment.ADA Title IIprotection from discrimination for having a service animal in a public place.ADA Title IIIall new construction and modifications must be accessible to individuals with disabilities. For existing facilities, barriers to service must be removed if it is readily achievable.ADA Title IVtelephone companies are required to establish interstate and intrastate telecommunications relay service (TRS) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.ADA Title Vprovisions to the ADA as whole.In the Ted Talk by Judith Heumann, she talks about her application process for licensure. Which of the following did not occur?She has to do an agility test to demonstrate her physical fitness.In the article, The Good, The Bad and The ADA, what is the main idea of the article?to discuss how lawsuits created by individuals with disabilities can negatively impact small businesses who do not have the financial means to pay the legal fees.Why is it important to know how disability is defined by ADA?to determine whether an individual could be covered by the protective umbrella of the statute.Which of the following models focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the disability?BiomedicalWhich of the following models has the longest history in terms of perceptions toward disability?MoralPeople in gimp culture feel a sense of pride about calling themselves cripple. True/FalseTrueIt would be acceptable to state that someone suffers from cerebral palsy. True/FalseFalseBased on the article, "What if American Had Canada's Healthcare System?" which of the following is not true?If the US had the same rate as Canada, there would be decreased wait time to see doctors.Canadians flock to the US for healthcare. True/FalseFalseTheadora is a 25 year old female with a developmental disability. She has been hired to work at a factory making name tags for businesses. Although she has a disability, Theadora is treated just like everyone else. She gets the same wage as others at her level of employment, she interacts with the other employees and she has even begun to make friends. What type of employment does Theadora have?Competitive Integrated EmploymentWhich of the following describes upside down welfarism?Initiate programs to help individuals with lesser needs more than those with greater needs.Economic Argumentrehabilitation services can help improve both the clients functioning and the employers outputMoral Argumentrehabilitation services should be provided in order to help individuals with disabilities and to help protect the rights of individuals with disabilitiesBalanced Approachan emphasis on employment for rehabilitation services and improved independence of individuals who cannot receive employment services due to the severity of his/her disabilityA study conducted by Cimera (2009) found that supported employees who received vocational rehabilitation services, helped return $1.21 of benefits to taxpayers for every $1.00 of costs. True/FalseTrueIn a study conducted by Cimera (2009), the researcher found that supported employment had a negative effect on the economy because workers made less money working than was spent on their rehabilitation services (i.e. taxpayer money). True/FalseFalseLaissez - FaireWe do not need any government interference, as a matter of fact ... the less government, the better. People with disabilities are capable of finding their own jobs.SocialistWe can work with government, especially for the common good like universal health care or improved infrastructure like roads and bridges. We need to insure economic security for people with disabilities by giving them money for living expenses or creating jobs for them.KeynesianGovernment intervention is good at times, especially when there is a surplus. People with disabilities will find work just like those without disabilities and contribute to the overall economy by purchasing goods and services.Machiavellian/ American/ Communist/ SocialistGovernment funded college tuition combined with universal health care will improve the lives of people with and without disabilities. This will promote a more just society.As cited in the lecture, stigma is greater for people with cognitive impairments than those with intellectual functioning. True/FalseFalseElizabeth Barnes (as cited in the lecture) argues that disability is a social phenomenon. She states that disability is not inherently bad, sub-optimal or problematic: to be physically disabled is not to have a defective body, but simply to have a _______ body.MinoritySocietal attitudes and responses toward people with disabilities are determined more by the actual cause of the disability than the perceived cause of the disability. True/FalseFalseThe portrayal of people with disabilities, especially mental health, in the media has contributed to stereotyping and fostering which type of perception?Perceived threatUndervaluing the abilities of persons with disabilities is an example of treating them as second class citizens. True/FalseTrueMulticulturalism is important in rehabilitation professions because of the following except:Demonstrates the inclusion of minority clients.Tiny Tim Syndrome is the belief that we can help all people with disabilities through financial assistance. True/FalseFalseInstitutional HandicapismSocially accepted unequal treatment mostly in the physical environmentHandicapismSet of assumptions that leads to unequal treatment for people with disabilitiesSocial HandicapismLack of equal status for people with disabilitiesIndividuals with disabilities must cope with a number of negative social attitudes fostered by the real or imagined differences attributed to them by others. True/FalseTrueIf an individual has a disability, they will never be able to work. True/FalseFalseAlan Raskin told the story of his own reckoning with intentional ableist language. Which organization did he become involved in to begin to support individuals with disabilities?Best BuddiesThe term "Disabled Heroes" refers to promoting which of the following ideas?in order to be equal, PWDs must be extraordinary in some way.Simulation exercises often embarrass people without disabilities because they are encouraged to be helpless when they really aren't. True/FalseFalseSusan Robinson indicated that she failed at being disabled. She also gave 5 tips for other people with disabilities to failKnow that everyone is disabled in some wayDescribe how charity affects people with disabilities negatively?When raising money for cures sends the message they need to be fixed.What is meant by "Status Inconsistency"?The experience of marginalizationLudwig and Adams (2004) conducted a study investigating which of the following concepts in rehabilitation facilities?InfantilismAdam Pearson expressed within his video that he became a victim of a hate crime on his interview posted in Youtube. Which of the following concepts was suggested by the commenter on the video?GenocideSocial Distancedegree of intimacy individuals want with othersInfantilizationbeing treated as a child eternallyPaternalismacting for what one thinks is best for someone without askingMothereseusing exaggerated prosodic inflections in speechStereotypean exaggerated belief associated with a categoryThe concept of hypervisibility refers to the awareness that people with disabilities have when expectations are lowered for them. True/FalseFalseHypervisibilitythe lack of privacy individuals with disabilities feel/experienceWhich of the following is an example of a "tokenism"Elena's coworker reminds her that she only got her job because the boss was afraid to get in trouble.According to your text the words acceptance, adjustment and adaption do what to the experience of disability?PathologizesIn the web article "Confronting Shame and Accepting my Disability" the author states that the first line in Judy Heuman's book was powerful for them. What was the first line in Judy Heuman's book?I never wished I didn't have a disabilityAsmani Hude in her Ted talk says that disability for her isan honorShock/Initial Impact Stagedisorganized thinking, feelings of overwhelm and confusionDefensive Retreat Stagerefusal to accept the disability and limitationsDepression Stagecycling through loss of hope, apathy and self-blameRegression Stagegiving up on improving functioningPersonal Questioning Stagepotentially replaying the incident frequentlyIntegration Stageestablishment of new goals and valuesTranscendence involved individuals finding meaning and purpose in their disability. True/FalseTrueWhat does the term koan mean in Zen Buddhism?a tool to gain enlightenmentIn the video "Seeing Blind", who provided the quote the helped her so much?BuddhaPre-lingual hearing loss refers to:hearing loss that occurred before the acquisition of language skills.Generally, the earlier a disability is acquired, the _______ the response.better/more adjustedTrust vs. Mistrustbased on the dependability of caregiversAutonomy vs. shame and doubtlearning to control ones body function generally happens in this stage as a means of gaining controlInitiative vs. guiltdeveloping leadership skills often happens at this stageIndustry vs. inferioritydeveloping a sense of pride and accomplishmentIdentity vs. role confusiontypically during adolescence, individuals are developing a sense of independenceIntimacy vs. isolationin early adulthood when we develop close and personal relationshipsGenerativity vs. stagnationwork and contributions to the worldIntegrity vs. despaira period of reflectionWhat is another word for "rare" disabilities in children?Low-incidenceAcquiring a disability during middle adulthood may result in:a shift of identityWomen with disabilities are more likely to cared for by _____strangersAs of 2017, the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies has which of the following accreditations?CACREPThe counselor client relationship is the foundation on which rehabilitation counseling is built. Which of the following is not a skill or a trait you need to foster this one on one relationship?Clear writing and knowledge of grammarOne quick way to identify the difference between a role and a function is that usually roles are verbs and functions are nouns. True/FalseFalseCounselor Ayantola (pronouns they, their) is on their first job. Which of the following is not within his scope of practice?Evaluating and recommending assistive technology.Initial or Intake InterviewDevelop a vocational history that includes a chronological list of jobs, employers, duties, reason(s) for leaving, and how the job was found.Medical EvaluationIdentify clients functional capacities and limitations as related to this client's disability and workPsychological EvaluationDetermine if a client has cognitive impairmentVocational EvaluationIdentify a job that is a match with the clients interests, abilities, and values.Counselor Dan is helping client Abby, who has a learning disability, to select a postsecondary training program. Abby has established that was that she wants to be an occupational therapy aide (OTA) and enroll at the local community college. She meets the entrance requirements. Which type of test would best help Dan advice Abby about her possible success in the OTA program?AptitudeThe following is based on the VE report for Paul. Paul's dream job is to become an independent film editor. This is realistic for him because has well developed business skills. True/FalseFalseThe careeronestop has resources specifically for all of the following groups except:LGBTQ+ workersWhat is the crux model?Sequential integration of the vocational analysis with client goal setting.Counselor Roberto is reviewing client Xavier's case information in order to help Xavier understand his vocational options. Xavier has a history of depression and substance abuse so Roberto focuses on Xavier's physical and psychosocial information. Xavier is not interested in vocational training so Roberto feels justified to omit that area from the review, Roberto is practicing an efficient but ineffective way to assist with Xavier's choice. True/FalseTrueTo help client Q make an informed vocational choice, counselor Roberto helps Q to select a vocational objective. Roberto has done his job and they can move on to plan implementation. True/FalseFalseLack of opportunity and deprivationJohn attended the School for the Deaf in Morganton NC and, even though he went home on the weekends, he did not have the opportunity to participate in a youth program at the church his family attended.Previous life experiencesKendra, who was home schooled because of her autism, is not aware of the on-the-job punctuality or the importance of asking for help because she did not have the experience of working while in High School.Need to consider personal and environmental factors, especially if accommodations are not providedLora, who has spina bifida and uses a wheel chair, has mobility limitations when buildings only have stairs and do not have ramps or an elevator.Counseling is career focusedManuel, who has an anxiety disorder, wants to be a graphic novel artist that has his own company. Counselor Oscar points out that an entry level job will help Manuel to learn about the industry before branching out on his own.The relationship between client Janell and counselor Matt is sometimes referred to as a working alliance, which is significantly different from a therapeutic or helping alliance. True/FalseFalseBoth DOT and O*Net are useful sources of occupational information for both the counselor and the client, though the DOT is probably easier for the lay person who is not trained in how to use occupational data bases. True/FalseFalseThe Self-directed search (SDS) and My Next Move are both interest inventories that are helpful in career evaluation and planning. The problem is that the SDS is based on Holland's RAISEC and My Next Move is based in Parson's Trait Factor approach. True/FalseFalseOne of the underlying themes of both presentations from Aimee Williams and Kelli Jean Dinkwater isBody image issuesCounselor Rabin was discussing values with colleague Sussman. They both agreed that work is an important value though Rabin believed that compensated work has the highest worth to society. Sussman believes that any work such as volunteer or being independent at home to enable a care taker to return to the workforce has importance. This difference is an example of that statement thatValues divide and beliefs uniteBoth Subjective (values) and objective (scores) interact in the rehabilitation process. For example, counselor Roberta looks at client Thomasina's clerical aptitude test scores and then Roberta uses her clinical judgments, which is influenced by her values, to help explain the scores to Thomasina. True/FalseTrueClient Waldo stated "I work hard and really produce for my employer. This has helped me to be respected in my family and community." Waldo has equated his labor and productivity with hissocial worthThe ethical principle that is applied most often to the provision of rehabilitation services is nonmaleficence. True/FalseTrueUpon review of the historical development of rehabilitation services, the authorizing legislation sorted people with disabilities into two employability related groups. There areEmployable and unemployableThe Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) has developed a code of ethics, which is based in the US Constitution and subsequent state laws. True/FalseFalseThe civil rights movement with its emphasis on entitlement (income assistance and medical care) and benefit (right to vote and hold office) has served as an action model for the IL movement. True/FalseFalseIn the Bridges video, all of the employee's interviewed had a visible disability. True/FalseFalseIn the Bridge's video, when asked about access, all of the following topics were mentioned except for one. Choose the one topic not mentioned.All print in BrailleIn the ILC video, who was identified as the founder of the independent living movement?Ed RobertsIn the ILC video, students are UC Berkley started the IL movement and helped make the campus more accessible. When the students started graduating they were able to use the advocacy skills to help make communities more accessible. True/FalseTrueIn the It's Our Story video, Mike Oxford stated : "There was no right to ride on a place, to enter a restaurant or a store". Chris Palames : "You may be told, you have to leave because people done want to watch someone drool." These statements are representative of which age?An age of exclusionIn the It's Our Story video, Jennifer Keelan stated "I got out of my wheelchair and I started climbing." what and why was she climbing ?The steps of the US Capitol to advocate for passage of the ADA.The purpose of This Brain has a Mouth was toopen the discussion about service needs of persons with disabilities.Which of the following is a core service of a Center for Independent living as exemplified by the Disability Advocates & Resource Center in Greenville, NC?Peer support (counseling)Rolf has a spinal cord injury (SCI) and is medically stable though he has to be careful of decubitus ulcer (pressure sores on his skin). He wants to manage his own treatment and determine when he needs assistance or an evaluation for a medical intervention. Rolf is in the process of demedicalization. True/FalseTrueVocational rehabilitation and independent livingare on opposite ends of a continuum and there is no clear line between the two.What was the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 (also known as the Tech Act)?Assistive technology legislation that improved coordination and access to technology assistanceWhich of the following is not a feature of the Assistive Technology Projects (ATPs)?Warehouse for making assistive technologyAssistive Technology Projects (ATPs)- features included• Device loan • Demonstration • Reutilization • Financing activities • Work at system level to influence policies and laws that result in greater use of AT by people with disabilitiesAccessible technology is technology that's been specifically designed to help a person with a disability to perform a task. True/FalseFalseRead & Write Gold highlights and reads aloud any word, sentence, or paragraph in your document, providing both audio and visual learning components as you read. What would the Read & Write Gold be an example of?Universal DesignAids for Daily LivingSamantha has a tremor in her hand and has difficulty holding an eating utensil. She uses an assistive technology device that stabilizes the utensil to help with eating food.Augmented CommunicationJaden has difficulty with speech and uses a communication board to point at the pictures of what he wants to do.Mobility AidsKaterina broke her leg in a work accident and now uses a scooter to help her to walk with a leg in a cast.Vehicle modifications/aidsAlex is paralyzed from the waist down and uses a pedal to help accelerate and brake when drivingAssistive Technology (AT) paves the way to greater productivity and self-sufficiency by replacing or extending the capacities individuals with disabilities need to cope with many different types of social, educational, and vocational and daily living demands. True/FalseTrueEileen received a pacemakers to help control irregular heart rhythms. The pacemaker is equipped with remote monitoring so the doctor will know if any sudden changes in Eileen's heart are detected by the pacemaker. What type of assistive technology is being discussed?Health Maintenance AT