vocab lesson 12

term: dapper
def: neatly & stylishly dressed
sent: Jody was very dapper, he always looked nice.
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term: desultory def: shifting from one thing to another without reason or purpose; haphazard or random sent: Abby couldn't pick a major, she was desultory.psp: adj syn: fitful, erratic ant: constant, concentratedterm: deviate def: to move away from, especially what is considered normal, right, or acceptable sent: Jody thought it was time for him to move on, it was deviate.psp: verb (noun) syn: diverge, nonconformist ant: conform to, conformistterm: devoid def: empty; lacking in sent: Abby felt devoid inside when her grandma passed.psp: adj syn: destitute, bereft ant: replete, fraughtterm: devout def: deeply religious, earnest, or sincere sent: Abby was a devout person, she was very religious.psp: adj syn: pious, faithful ant: irreligious, unreligiousterm: dexterous def: skillful in using one's hands or mind; clever sent: Jody was very dexterous, he excelled in many ways.psp: adj syn: handy, adroit ant: awkward, clumsy