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Rachel, and rbt, and Jenna, her supervising bcba, want to find out the function of an adult client's SIB. Primary Assessment might include all the following except:

-ABC data recording
-functional hypothesis
-Functional Behavior Analysis
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Involves manipulating conditions and determining a behavioral function through experimentation.

-can be considered the highest level and most reliable for determining the function of a behavior

-functional assessment is a time-consuming and complex process and is often only conducted when other assessments have not revealed a clear function
Differential reinforcementProviding greater reinforcement for better approximations of a target behavior, and placing other behaviors on extinction or on a less desirable reinforcement scheduleA little boy is playing with his toys in his room. Holding one of his stuffed animals dolls, he looks at it and says "zebra". Which elementary verbal operant does this scenario most likely describeTactFood is an example of what type of reinforcerUnconditionedAn abolishing operation (value decrease) of a reinforcer due to an organism being over-exposed to that stimulusSatiationCumulative recordsData never decreases in a cumulative record. An increasing slope indicates occurrence of the target behavior, while a flat slope indicates periods of no occurrences of the target behaviorRemoving something that increases the future likelihood of a behaviorNegative reinforcementPresent 5 easy/mastered tasks in a quick succession immediately before presenting an acquisition targetBehavior momentumIs exaggerating covered by the RBT ethical code?YesHow much time needs to pass before entering a relationship with a client or a supervisor2 yearsSally almost never opens up her laptop unless she's about to ask Jim to do some of his table work activities. What do you think is most likely the function of Jim's behaviorEscape from demands placed by others (socially mediated negative reinforcement)For every third correct response, you delivered a preferred edible. What reinforcement schedule is thisFR-3TactA labelEchoicAn elementary verbal operant involving a response that is evoked by a verbal discriminative stimulus that has point-to-point correspondence and formal similarity with the response. i.e. - saying zebra after someone said zebraThe most common form of a graph used in ABA isLine graphWhile working w. your client they engage in verbal stereotypy. Your bcba wants to implement a differential reinforcement procedure. She instructs you to reinforce the client whenever They are not engaged in verbal stereotypy. What type of differential reinforcement is thisDROAn observation by your bcba will also involve a check on how accurately you implement clinical and educational procedures. This is called a __ checkTreatment integrity or procedural liabilityIt is acceptable to solicit testimonials from the families you serve as a RBTfalseApplied Interventions are designed from the outset to operate In new environments and continue after the formal treatments have endedGeneralityApplied interventions produce strong, socially important effectsEffectiveApplied interventions arise from a specific and identifiable theoretical base rather than being a set of packages or tricksConceptual systemsApplied interventions are described well enough that they can be implemented by anyone with training and resourcesTechnologicalApplied interventions require an objective demonstration that the procedures caused the effectAnalyticApplied interventions Deal with Measurable behaviorBehavioralApplied interventions deal with Problems of demonstrated Social importanceAppliedA stimulus that follows A behavior and causes that behavior to increase in probability over timeReinforcementA stimulus that follows a behavior and causes that behavior to decrease in probability over timePunishmentA behavior that was previously being reinforced By a given stimulus no longer contacts that stimulus. usually followed by an extinction burstExtinctionA spike along some dimension of behavior, followed by a dramatic increase in that behavior similar to the effect of punishmentExtinction burstRefers to adding a stimulus to the environmentPositiveRemoving a stimulus from the environmentNegativeThe goal of a stimulus preference assessment is to a. Test reinforcers for an individual b. Determine items or activities That will be punishers for an individual c. Identify objects, people, activities that will be motivating d. Help a client determine what intervention they would preferIdentify objects, people, activities that would be motivatingJohn has been assigned to work with a child whose parents are LGBQTA. John is a Christian and doesn't feel comfortable with the assignment.John should continue working with the family as the opportunity will allow him to increase tolerance and understanding of LGBQTA cultureAn example of discriminative stimulus would be: a. When you want to get a frozen yogurt, but yah enough you arrived the closed sign is on the door b. When a student is very thirsty c. When a teacher stands at the door with a tub for students to put HW in; and when they turn in their homework she praises them and they receive a raffle ticket d. When a trainer holds up a green card while the student has two cards in front of them (Yellow and green); And when asked to match green, thestudent holds up the yellow cardc. When a teacher stands at the door with a tub for students to put HW in; and when they turn in their homework she praises them and they receive a raffle ticketWhich is not a form of functional assessment? A. Indirect assessment b. Direct assessment c. Analog d. Forced choiceD. Forced choiceYour client has successfully mastered how to place an order for fast food In a training setting where you have set up a menu, counter, and cash register. In order to see if she can perform the necessary skills at a real fast food place you should first: a. Change a critical feature in the training setting b. Take the menu away c. Make her do the task with no one else in the room d. Show her how to take the bus to the fast food restauranta. Change a critical feature in the training settingHow often should rbts update aggregate data? a. Daily b. Weekly c. After each session d. MonthlyC. After each sessionWhich would be the most conservative direct, Discontinuous measurement to track a child's engagement During a class lesson? a. Partial interval recording b. Whole interval recording c. Momentary time sampling d. Teacher interviewsB. Whole interval recordingLizzy, an RBT, is teaching her client to use sign-language to signal for a break instead of yelling when she is frustrated. The student simply has to sign Break. This is an example of_________Differential Reinforcement of an Alternative Behavior (DRA).If a child is engaging in maladaptive behavior due to pain attenuation, what should you do?Refer the child to a doctor to deal with their discomfort or painThis is reinforcing a behavior that meets the same function of the maladaptive behavior.DRAa teaching method in which learning trials are presented in quick succession, with a clear beginning and clear end to each trial. There are three parts to a discrete trial.DTTFixed ratioFixed (same) ratio (per response) produce higher rates of respondingExample of fixed ratioFR3, means for every 3rd response, the individual receives reinforcementFixed intervalFixed (same) interval (time)Example of fixed intervalFI5, means every 5 minutes the individual will receive reinforcementVariable ratioVariable (average) ratio (per response)Example of variable ratioVR5 means the individual will be reinforced on an average of 5 responses. A learner may receive reinforcement after every 5th response, then every 4th response, etc as long as an avatars of 5 is maintainedVariable intervalVariable (average) interval (time)Example of variable intervalVI2 means the individual will be reinforced on an average of 2 minutes. A learner may receive reinforcement after 1:30, after 2:15, etc as long as an average of 2 min is maintainedPaul wants a quick and easy way to record 5 different students'task engagement.What type of measurement procedure should he use?Momentary time samplingTony reported his data collection as a percentage of intervals with occurrence. What type of data collection is he using? _______________________Discontinuous measurement procedure or intervalTom does not have a lot of time to collect data on a client's social engagement during play. What type of measurement should he use?Whole interval recordingHarry wants to record how many times his client hits. He should use a _________________ count and report the data as ____________________Frequency, rateAn interval recording procedure that overestimates behavior isPartial interval recording_____________________ measurement is the most valid and preferred type of data collection.ContinuousAn___________________________is a detailed description of the behavior in observable terms.Operational definitionNancy wants to do a preference assessment in the quickest time possible, she should useMultiple stimulus preference assessmentPaul wants to manipulate the environment to determine the function of the behavior, he should useAnalog of Functional Analysis Assessment___________________________ assessment measures a client's self-help and vocational skills while ___________________________ determines the function of the behavior.Skills assessments, functional behavior assessmentMaria wants to observe her client interacting with reinforcers, she should useFree operant preference assessmentThis procedure involves reinforcing one behavior and extinguishing the behavior (not reinforcing) in the presence of other stimuli