21 terms

N201 Unit 4 Lesson 4.4

Parenteral Medications
the graduated tubular outer portion of the syringe; he outer wall of the barrel has a scale calibrated in mL's or minims and the inner wall must remain sterile
the distal, tapered open end of the shaft of the needle; must remain sterile
the diameter of the needle lumen
the junction between the hub and shaft; must remain sterile
the wide base portion of the needle that fits over the syringe tip
the distal end of the plunger; the only part of the plunger which can be touched in order to maintain sterility
the hollow inside diameter of the shaft of a needle
needle guard
cap that protects the needle and helps maintain sterility
prefilled medication cartridge
commercially prepared single dose medication that has a needle permanently attached to a calibrated barrel
the solid inner movable portion of a syringe that is pushed within the barrel, via the knob, to administer liquid medication
safety syringes
syringe that comes with the needle already attached and is equipped with a retraction device that retracts the needle into the syringe once the injection is complete
the long, cylindrical hollow tube of the needle
the small end of the syringe that fits into the needle hub when assembling the needle and syringe together; it must remain sterile
glass or plastic container that has a self-sealing rubber stopper
deltoid muscle
allows only small amounts of medication to be injected; avoid hitting the humerus
vastus lateralis
muscle located on the anterior lateral aspect of the thigh
rectus femoris
located on the anterior lateral aspect of thigh
ventrogluteral muscle
located on the side of the hip, just below the iliac crest
dorsogluteal muscle
located in the upper, outer quadrant of the gluteal muscle
air lock technique
clears the needle of medication and seals the track so that the medication does not flow back into the subcutaneous tissue
z-track method
reduces pain caused by irritating drugs that leak or escape along the track into the subcutaneous tissue when the needle is withdrawn