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Health and ____ are factors that influence growth.
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____ are examples of open-ended toys.blocksStringing large, wooden beads helps with ____.Hand-eye coordinationOpportunities to develop cognitive skills are only found during free play time.falseSuccessive acquisition means a child learns more than one language starting at birth.falseAn irreducible need of children is limit setting and structure.trueKnowing it is okay to run and shout outside but to sit and talk quietly at a restaurant is part of which cognitive skill?knowledge of social worldPlacing children on equipment is ____ because it doesn't allow students to set their own limits.questionableThe ___ of the teacher should support cognitive development.languageUninterrupted free play should be scheduled in blocks of thirty minutes or less.falseAn anti-bias curriculum focuses on showing how children are different.false​Plastic materials create a feeling of warmth and security.falseScreen time affects children and their ___.enviromentsBilingual education is a recent development in American history.falseScribbling is part of the ___ stage of drawing.placementA benefit of a written lesson plan is ____.improving team teaching relationshipsGardner identified nine different types of intelligences.trueDocumenting growth through a portfolio system is a characteristic of ____.high/scopeThe main sources of family stress are divorce, two working parents, and ____.povertyGraphic language is "talk written down."trueThe two types of movements are locomotor and nonlocomotor.falseSex-role stereotyping hurts children's development.trueThe purpose of STEM is to provide meaningful math and _____ lessons.scienceChildren automatically know how to use technology because they have it at home.falseSelf-awareness, self-regulation, and motivation are part of ___ intelligence.emotional____ is the framework around which planned and unplanned activities and lessons are created.curriculumLanguage is the use of sounds in insignificant patterns.trueThemes for curriculum planning should be used with infants and toddlers.falseMost parents just assume caregivers have experience and are accredited.trueTeachers only need to be aware of their own sex-role stereotyping.false​Students act out larger than life characters in ___ play.superheroThe quality of childcare and national education reform are part of which theme?ethic of social reformSocial cognition requires children to interpret events and make decisions based on behavior.trueSome complaints of ___ is not looking at the whole child, "teaching to the test," and the threat of child left behindThe ability to love, trust, and accept others can be developed through ___ growth.spiritualThe four types of children's websites are information, communication, interaction, and ____.publicationChildren only respond to teachers' words.falseVygotsky states that meaning is derived from a social and cultural context.truePublic and private schools avoid spiritual and religious education.falseSome space should be allocated for teachers' personal and professional use.trueHead Start is associated with the War on Poverty in the 1960s.trueTransitions and special guests would occur during ____ time.large groupFamilies need child care services that are high-quality and ___.affordableChildren develop a sense of community during ___ growth.socialHands-on activities support tactile-kinesthetic learners.trueUnsuitable clothing for the weather and extreme hunger may be signs of ___.neglectDual Language Learners often need teachers to make ___instructional goals.adaptations toLev Vygotsky developed a sociocultural theory that states knowledge is culturally specific.trueDevelopmental growth patterns are directional and sequential even for physically and mentally disabled children.trueThe environment as a child's third teacher is a part of ____.Reggio EmiliaMost important, safety rules must be ____.Explained to childrenComplex emotions can be observed during the first week of life.falseThe four major language arts skills are speaking, ____, reading, and writing.listeningDivergent thinking leads to one answer.falseWhen fostering play, teachers should concentrate on the process of teaching.falseTeachers are required to report child abuse if there is a reasonable cause to suspect a child has been mistreated.trueWords and grammar are components of ___ language.expressiveSpirituality involves deep experiences with the self and world.trueSome teachers worry that using standards will result in programs that "teach to the test."truePreparation, incubation, clarification, and evaluation are the four steps of creativity.falseTransitions, routines, and activities are part of the ____ environment.temporalChildren can learn to investigate and solve problems through ____.playingThe question, "How many ways can you play with a ball?" is ___ thinking.divergentAutomobile safety includes making sure children are in approved car seats and restraints as well as making sure children know how to cross the street safely.trueThe primary contributor to the achievement gap is ___.poverty​Sociodramatic play is when one child pretends to be a firefighter.falseCreating a rich literary environment includes displaying children's literary creations.trueWord play and rhyming may be fun but is not educational.falseAn example of receptive language is ___.nodding your headPutting all the blue circles in one bag and the red circles in another is part of which cognitive skill?classificationTeachers noticed many students were talking about wanting a pet, so they introduced new books in the library about dogs, cats, and fish. This is an example of ____ curriculum.emergentChild-sized furniture was introduced by ____.MontessoriCognition is the physical process that children use for acquiring knowledge.falseChild care is an issue that should only concern families.falsePhysical and motor development is integrated with cognitive development.trueTeachers should use _____ to guide the planning of activities for dual language learners.informal observationThe linchpin of a quality program is ____.a sound curriculumThe words teachers actually say communicates the most to children in their struggle to gain mastery.falseA jump rope promotes ___ motor skills.locomotorQuality, costs, and an unstable workforce positively affect child care.falseMath knowledge predicts future math and reading success.trueLanguage experiences in the first ____ years reflect later literary success.5The beliefs that learning is a process of discovery and knowledge results from active thought is attributed to ___.PiagetIntroduction, identification, nurturance, and bridging assist teachers as they introduce ideas developed by ___.GardnerTeachers combine theoretical and practical viewpoints when planning lessons for cognitive development.TrueCognitive development is fostered through engaging activities that encourage development.trueBehavioral objectives must be explicitly stated.trueChildren's emotional health is only affected by problems at home.falseA child's self-concept is not related to her physical abilities.falseChildren's achievements at the end of ___ grade are important indicators of future success.3rdThe scientific method is part of which cognitive skill?Skill of InquiryA child seeing a ball coming toward her and reaching out to catch it is an example of ____ development.perceptual-motorMemory is key for learning motor movements.trueMost kindergartens in the U.S. are English only.trueTo help a child develop a positive self-concept, a teacher should ____ if a child yells he is too afraid when hanging from the monkey bars.stand closeAccording to Reggio Emilia, it is the environment that creates an atmosphere of ____.discoveryEmergent writing begins when a child picks up a pencil and _____.scribblesThe CDC concluded that placing infants and toddlers in early childhood education programs was not an overall health risk for these children.trueIn outdoor spaces ___ are mandatory.fencesEmpathy is a part of emotional intelligence.true​The Three Core Aspects of DAP environments are the anti-bias environment, the self-help environment, and the inclusive environment.trueDialect differences expand children's speech community.trueLow self-image is correlated with low academic achievement.trueChildren ages 6-8 tend to play with children who are the same ____ as them.genderTechnology is not just computers; it can also include digital cameras and video recorders.trueUsing a baby's name and providing language labels is an example of providing a(n)___ of language.envelopeMaking choices and internalizing messages is associated with which emotional skill?ability to self-regulateSpatial, temporal, and sensory awareness are associated with perceptual-motor development.trueEducation is exploration in effective curricula.trueSpacing and availability should be considered when organizing the ____ environment.physicalStaying informed and speaking up on educational and child welfare issues is part of being a(n) ____.advocateAfter identifying a skill a child needs, the teacher should list the processes, concepts, and ___ associated with that skill.vocabularyThe cost of child care has doubled in the past 25 years.trueResilient children tend to have low self-esteem.falseIn the United States there is a separation of church and ___.stateThe ____ is the stage on which children play out the themes of childhood.enviromentVerbalize a process aloud is part of ___ language.elaboration ofFine-motor skills involve the hands or feet.trueIt takes at least ___ years to develop fluency.4The analogy that America is a melting pot is a myth.trueThe number one way to prevent the unnecessary spread of germs is ____.hand washingSocial and ___ competence predict school readiness and later success.emotionalBasic skills are transcurricular and have static consequences.falseChildren spend more time in school annually than in front of a screen.falseThe motto for field trips is "fun first!"falseTeachers have all the responsibility of planning and setting up the environment.falseEncouraging physical play can be done by providing more ____.outdoor timeWaldorf schools emphasize the development of the whole child through "head, heart, and helping."false