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AF103 Unit 3 Lesson 3.3

Outpatient Medical Records
fly records
medical records for members on flight duty; located in aerospace medicine clinic; FLY is stamped in upper left corner in 2 inch block letters; PRP under FLY if both; maintain separate from non-flight records
PRP and duties
personnel reliability program; presidential duties, highly classified duties nuclear
PRP records
PRP stamped in upper left corner in 2 inch block letters; maintained separate from other records
PRP basis
based on a commander's determination of an individual's trustworthiness to perform duties related to nuclear weapons, top secret communications, and critical secure assignments
PRP members maintain
physical competence and mental alertness; dependability and emotional stability; sound judgment under adverse conditions
PRP disqualifiers
alcohol abuse; medical conditions and progressive illnesses; drug abuse; suicide attempts or threats
Special operational duty records
maintained according to duties performed
medical record review purpose
to identify annual medical requirements and potentially disqualifying information for further review;
reasons to review medical record
allergy screening, disqualifying defects, security clearance, mobility or deployment, separation or retirement, PCS, physical examination, AF Form 422 Profile; reviewed annually
PCS-in records
all records must be inprocessed upon arrival to a new duty station
PCS-out records
MTF must ensure all lab and radiology results are placed in the member's medical record no less than 10 days prior to the final out-processing appointment
Exceptional Family Member Program; ensure PCS location can meet family needs
expeditionary airmen
every AF member is an expeditionary airman, meaning they must be prepared to deploy anywhere on short notice
pre-deployment medical requirements
public health, PCO team, life skills, dental, force health management, management of outpatient records
public health requirement
medical intelligence briefing, update DD 2766 block 11
PCO team requirement
review records for disqualifying defects, HIV test, Labs, immunizations, PHA; update entire DD 2766; copy DD 2766
life skills requirement
mentally world wide qualified
Dental requirement
last Type II dental exam, dental class, DD 2766 block 10g
force health management requirement
ensures DD 2766 completion; ensure patient retains original DD 2766, copy remains in medical record
management of outpatient records requirement
original DD 2766 sealed and given to deploying commander; paperwork and DD 2766 are maintained at the assigned treatment facility
DD Form 2766
Adult Preventive and Chronic Care Flowsheet; section 1 of record
DD 2766 use
to provide a complete picture of the patient's current lifestyle and medical status; updated at each visit
unresolved diagnosis in record review
flag for the PCM to review