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-Likes to dance
-Likes to listen to music
-Likes to read
-Likes to watch TV (soap operas)
-Likes to talk to spirits
-Likes day of the dead
-Happy/ content
-Mom of Blanca, wife of Felix
-Goes to Felix's grave with family
-Communicates with spirit (Felix)- says there is money in the cave
-Grandpa of Alex/Nora, husband of Rosario, dad of Blanca
-Celebrated by family
-Wrote books with drawings and diagrams of caves
-Made money off secret caves
-Communicated with Rosario, money in cave
-Played guitar
-Liked to sing
-Rich lived in ranches, poor were mad because they didn't have money, poor attacked, rich escaped
-Likes caves
-Likes/flirts with Nora
-Punched Alex in the arm in plaza principal
-Wrote poem to Alex about grandma
-Follows Nora, David and Alex to cave
-Is the spirt in the cave, has the chest with a lot of money
-Runs to the platform
-Chest traps Sergio in the water
-Goes to hospital (fractures foot)
-Becomes nice to Alex, David and Nora
-Invited to Alex's house