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what has improved our ability to understand genetic dieses?
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what are the different variations of a gene.alleleswhat is an advange of sexual reproduction? Why is it important?.no offspring will look exactly alike- organisms with favorable traits allow them to survive and reproducewhat is a clone?genetical identical organism of the parentif an organism has 54 chromosomes, the haploid cell will contain ____ after meosis27describe the types of sexual reproductionbudding binary fussion regeneration cuttingnumber of chromosones in parent cell- meosis and mitosisdiploidtype of parent cell 1. meosis 2.mitosis1.reproductive 2. body cellnumber of divisions of the nucleus 1. meosis 2. mitosis1.2 2.1number of daughter cells 1. meosis 2. mitosis1.4 2.2chromosomes number in daughter cell 1. meosis 2. mitosis1.haploid 2.diploidfuncution in an organism 1. meosis 2. mitosis1. form egg and sperm, reproduce cells, grow