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A majority of the loss of the tropical forests has occurred over the past 200 years.
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Over the past 8,000 years, human activities have reduced the earth's original forest cover by about_____%, with most of that coming in the last 60 years.47Which of the following is a disadvantage of clear-cutting?destroys and fragments wildlife habitatsForests provide habitats for about______of the earth's terrestrial species.two-thirdsThe traditional approach to estimating fish populations is the______.maximum sustained yieldWhat percentage of the world's oceans is fully protected, and closed to fishing and other harmful human activities?0.8%The Columbia River dam system has benefited many people, but it has______.sharply reduced populations of wild salmonWhat is CITES?a treaty banning trade in endangered speciesIn 1968, the U.S. Congress passed the_____to establish protection of rivers with outstanding wildlife, geological, scenic, recreational, historical, or cultural values.National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act