Multiple Sclerosis

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Corticosteroid therapy and disease modifying therapy (pharmacological approach), Promoting healthy lifestyle, reduce stress, treat fatigue, assistive devices, home modifications (nonpharmacological treatments), Management of symptoms (Therapies to help with this)What are treatments for MS?◾acute, treats CNS inflammation, ends relapse fastercorticosteroid therapy◾reduce number/severity of attacks, suppress inflammation, delay disability onsetdisease modifying therapyLyme's Disease, Lupus, Neuromyelitis Optica, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, Physical injury → broken bones, TBI, bruising, Hyperlipidemia, migraines, hypertension, arthritis, IBS, chronic lung disease, increased risk of osteoporosis, Depression, anxietyWhat are common comorbidities of MS?relapsing remittingtype of MS that is fluctuating course of relapses with associated neurologic deficits, followed by periods of partial or total recovery after relapsesecondary progressivetype of MS that is cessation of fluctuations with slow deterioration and progressionprimary progressiveMS that is deteriorating from the beginning